How to Teach or Learn a Language Online

Maria in Brugges at the Christmas Market.
Maria in Brugges at the Christmas Market.

Teaching Traveling: Curious about making a career through online teaching? Learn more from Maria Ortega Garcia!

Maria, tell us about your background.

Maria: I am a 32 year old teacher of no fixed abode. Since I finished my degree in Arts and specialized in Applied Languages, I started teaching and traveling, and accomplished a Masters and a PhD in the meantime, all on the move.

I have taught Spanish in a high school in France, French in different enterprises, and French, English and Spanish as foreign languages in different School of Languages to all ranges of ages and nationalities.

I was a language teacher working face to face in group and private classes until I started my own business working online because I wanted to travel. However, quitting my students in the middle of the process of their learning until their fluency made me feel bad because I didn’t want to break the commitment I had with them.

So I found the solution: Teaching via Skype, I could travel without the necessity of stopping teaching! So I became an online teacher two years ago. I traveled around Ireland, India, Turkey, Belgium, Indonesia and I am currently in Australia. And I keep teaching my students from everywhere I am.

The only downside is that while traveling I don’t get to have many in person classes so whenever I get the chance and stop for over a month in place, I organize group classes on site.

TT: Amazing! Tell us more about your travels.

M: I don’t belong to the formal education system, which means that except my school year teaching in the high school in France, the rest of my teaching experience belong to school of languages.

So I have really never had time outside my regular teaching job. I have only changed locations. From France back to Spain, then to Ireland, then to some traveling around Amsterdam and Belgium, then India, Turkey, Bali and now Australia.

Maria falling in love with a kangaroo in Adelaide, Australia.
Maria falling in love with a kangaroo in Adelaide, Australia.

TT: Tell us one moment from your travels that was particularly funny.

M: As I said, I continue teaching while I am traveling, which means that sometimes I give my class in different and not always perfect locations. Last May I was teaching from Dharamsala from a nice cibercafe with the sound of honking cars and cows as the background.

A month later, I was teaching from my hotel terrace in Istanbul while the muezzin called to prayer from a mosque nearby… during my class. That brought on the consequent shocked face of my student and the resulting question: “Where are you now María?”

In the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey.
In the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey.

My students are sometimes shocked with all the changes of location until they learn their teacher is a bit nomadic. But since my travels don’t affect their classes in any way, those things add excitement to their class and all of them they have come to appreciate the changes of scenery of their teacher.

TT: Love it! How have your travels impacted you as a teacher, and in your current career?

M: Traveling has had a major impact in me as a teacher and I believe it made me a better one: more understanding of other cultures and ways of thinking as well as how and why different cultures do things.

All my classes are always multicultural, which I am thankful for, so the more I travel the more I get to enjoy and make a multicultural class to thrill and excel because the culture of the students is familiar to me, and when it is not, I am so curious that, somehow, I transmit the curiosity into the rest of the students, so that the class is not only language class but multicultural class where all have something to contribute with.

I think traveling made me more open to listen and watch out for assumptions about right/wrong ways to do things just because the dominant or native culture does them that way. Traveling made me more aware of the possible biases or assumptions that the teacher may bring to the classroom.

So now I foster a broader view that I hope might serve as a model for my students’ behavior. Traveling helped me to consider other ways to tackle problems, interpret issues, and demonstrate learning that may be different from what I or others have experienced.

TT: How have your travels impacted you as a person?

M: My travels are what have changed me more as a person, and they keep doing it. They opened my mind to different ways of thinking and doing things. All these differences made me less judgmental and more understanding and compassionate.

I am more curious about other cultures. My travels have had a very strong impact in me. I am now more independent and resourceful and less strict with the idea of “how things should be” because this idea is different in every place. I have a broader view and a more relaxed attitude towards difficulties and different situations.

Blown by the wind in the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland.
Blown by the wind in the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland.

TT: What advice do you have for teachers who are dreaming of travel, or travelers dreaming of teaching?

M: Just do it! Take the leap and do it! There’s always a way, and fortunately for us, travelers and teachers, we can combine both. Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions in the world, and traveling, well, it’s one of the most rewarding activities one person can accomplish.

If you are a teacher who wants to travel, there are many ways to do it, and this blog is a proof of that. If you are a traveler and got the teaching bug, I’d advise you to form yourself as a teacher and start practicing. If you are a traveler, you’d likely be a great teacher.

TT: Thanks so much, Maria! Readers, what questions or comments do you have for this traveling teacher? And do check out her site,!

26 thoughts on “How to Teach or Learn a Language Online”

  1. Hi Maria,

    I would be very interested talking to you about how you did it . Can you please contact me through my email . I have several questions !!!

  2. I wonder how older teachers would fare on Skype… We have a hard enough time getting decent teaching jobs around the world because everyone wants younger people. Any older teachers out there doing it who can advise?

  3. How do you find students that will attend your SKYPE or online classes and how do you get paid? I have been teaching for 18 years- six years in Bermuda and I really want to travel but feel very tied to my present situation. I want to learn more about online options that will allow me flexibility but a good income.

  4. Wow.. Mrs.Garcia i am amaze of you way of life i envy it! xD i will be starting my first year of college during the fall and i always wanted to travel. i really havent ever been settle and i dont want to chose a career that will keep me station in one place (only college will do that since i will have to be in campus for class :b) i was thinking nursing.. but only because i figure that it is the only way i could be financially stable yet travel.. but ive rather be more liberal and i love teaching i didnt know this was possible. altough i am slightly confuse how you manage to travel to so many places.. ive been told teacher arent the best payed profession i would like to know how you manage this. i only aspire a way of life like yours so i would love if you could give me advice so i can make the best of my studies in college as well! thanks!

    • Thanks for your comment, and I look forward to Ms. Garcia’s response. I’d like to chime in, however, that you shouldn’t worry so much about how much teachers make because there ARE teaching jobs out there where you can make a good salary, and even if your salary is so-so, there are many opportunities for teachers to travel that other careers do not have. Good luck!

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      You probably don’t want to be a teacher if you want to be rich, but the career choice shouldn’t be about the income if you want to keep enjoying doing your job when the years go by. In my case, I teach and I write, so at the end of the month I am paid as much as if I were teaching in private school, the only difference is that in a school, the paycheck is the stable and the same every month, and in my case, it fluctuates but since my income depends mainly in having happy and satisfied students, I only need to keep the high standars in all the classes with all the students, and all goes well at the end of the month.

      • thankyou for the reponse! after giving it thought you are right i should focus less on income and more on the passion. so i was thinking majoring in education with a minor in english. would the be a good combination?

        • Well, Lillie would probably know more about that since I don’t now much about the American system, but from my experience I can assure you that if what you want is to teach and to travel, there are a big demand of qualified English teachers all over the world! So I’d say that education and English seems to be a really good combination.

  5. Where in France did you teach? I had two seven months stints teaching English at high schools in Normandy.

    P.S. I have also conducted English lessons via Skype. For a year or so, I worked for an online English language school, providing lessons for Japanese adults. I was paid $12 a class.

  6. Hi Lillie and Maria,
    I have started seeing this cropping up as an option for digital nomads and it is a welcome extension, I would think?! If you got a good gig, this could fund a trip around Asia or South America :)

    Great interview – Best of luck with your teaching travels Maria

  7. The Skype teaching can be tricky. There are some ways to make decent money from it, but there are a lot of companies looking for teachers/tutors that don’t pay well. I’ve seen too many offers for $9-10/hr of online teaching. Depending on where you’re living/traveling, those jobs can work out.

    • I know what you mean, reason why I stopped applying for online teachers jobs for other companies and started focusing on my own business, in my own terms, with my own syllabus and combined with occasional gigs with other fair, quality companies and some writing and translation little jobs, everything is working perfectly so far.
      Thanks for reading! :)

  8. This is a great interview. I couldn’t agree more that teaching is one of most rewarding jobs and to do it while traveling makes it even more awesome. :-) I love the Skype idea. I take classes on Skype with my teacher in China while I’m in America. It works quite well and is a lot of fun!


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