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  1. 64, have had my own Hi Tech business for 27 years designing custom instruments for the Paper industry to “see” quality and assess it with numbers.
    Electronics Programming R&D
    I do not have a teaching background , but have worked with many people teaching how to do many things related to R&D at mills and organizations, like TAPPI
    I wonder now if there is a possibility of transferring this knowledge into a teaching / traveling work life in my retired years.
    I found your site and thought maybe you could help.
    I lived in Fiji for 4 years in 2000-2004 and helped with a community teaching center so it would not be my first rodeo Haha!
    Jeff Marc
    USA GA


    1. Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for taking the time to connect! Sounds like you’ve had an amazing career, and I’m confident you could find a placement somewhere in the world that would use yours skills and interests well. Use the search feature of this site to find interviews with people who’ve done things that appeal to you, too, and feel free to reach out to them directly, or via the comments section of the article. Best of luck, and keep us posted!


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