Racial equity articles

Racial Equity in Global Education: 22 Resources

Equity vs. Equality: Before we dive into this list of articles and resources to support racial equity in global education, let us define a key term. What is the difference between EQUITY and EQUALITY? Equality is when everyone gets the […]

/ October 17, 2020
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This photo was taken during a visit to the Cambodian Genocide memorial and museum. The gentleman (Bou Meng) in the photo is the Cambodian genocide survivor that Stephanie was able to meet with. She purchased his book to use in her class.

Using Travel to Make Curriculum More Representative of the World

Want concrete strategies for making what you teach more relevant and globally-connected? Enjoy this powerful and extremely useful interview with New York City Humanities teachers, Stephanie N. Ambarsumyan (of Wandering Why Traveler), and Dora DePaolis. This photo was taken during […]

/ October 12, 2020
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School integration

Nice White Parents: Analysis of the School Inequality Podcast

Racial Segregation in Education… Unfortunately, though six decades have passed since Brown v. Board of Education, school segregation is getting worse… and it hurts us all. One of the chief drivers of educational inequality — and as a result, societal […]

/ September 4, 2020
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Darkness is beautiful

Is Saying “Dark” to Mean “Bad” Problematic?

The wonderful children’s book Sulwe by Lupita Nyong’o and Vashti Harrison ends with the realization that darkness — both in the sky and in skin color — is beautiful and necessary. Yet, so many of us persist in using the […]

/ August 21, 2020
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Look Both Ways by Jason Reynolds

“Look Both Ways” by Jason Reynolds: Analysis by a Teacher

A Great Book for Grades 6-8+ The 2019 young adult book Look Both Ways by Jason Reynolds is beloved in middle school classrooms and summer reading lists for good reason. This collection of ten short stories about students walking home […]

/ August 16, 2020
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Creative drawings

Creative Drawings that Teach: A Free New Resource!

Looking for a place to find vocabulary words or concepts illustrated with fun, easy-to-understand cartoons? Would it help to have a set of colorfully-drawn, entertaining short stories for kids? Do you yearn to jump-start creativity and art inspiration for any […]

/ June 29, 2020
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