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Creative Drawings that Teach: A Free New Resource!

Looking for a place to find vocabulary words or concepts illustrated with fun, easy-to-understand cartoons? Would it help to have a set of colorfully-drawn, entertaining short stories for kids? Do you yearn to jump-start creativity and art inspiration for any age?

To fulfill all these things, I am thrilled to introduce the launch of my useful and FREE new resource,!

Cartoons from Drawings Of...
Two cartoons from

Why This New Site Was Created

As a teacher for the past 16 years, I use art — especially cartooning — all the time to illustrate potentially confusing concepts and vocabulary words for my students. Previously, I ran a daily cartoon in a local newspaper for nearly half a decade — but stopped publicly creating art after having kids.

As the years went on, I began yearning to share these educational cartoons, along with creative drawings, stories, and art inspiration, with a wider audience. Then on June 1 of 2020, everything came together (a surprise offshoot of being stuck at home)… and I was able to launch Drawings Of…!

A free resource for educational vocabulary words illustrated with fun cartoons, colorfully-drawn short stories for kids, art inspiration, and creative drawings!
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Useful and Fun Vocab Illustrations

There are three sections of Drawings Of… that may be of particular use. The first is the English Lessons section, which provides fun and accessible definitions, examples, and illustrations of useful words and concepts that are appropriate for kids, teens, and adults.

If you’re a teacher or parent, feel free to use the articles with your students or kids, but if you’re not, they’re illuminating simply for yourself, such as this reflection why the concept of a liminal space is VERY relevant for us right now!

Two more cartoons
More images from my new creative site…

Kids’ Stories and Art Inspiration

The second section of Drawings Of… which could be useful for you is the growing free library there of short, imaginative stories for kids. I warn you that they’re a little wild and weird and random, but all have a good heart, bright colors, and are perfect for filling 2 minutes with a child who wants ONE MORE STORY. Some even have interactive questions at the end!

The third and final section of the new site is art inspiration. This is a more experimental part of Drawings Of… which I’m using to try out new methods and lines of thinking, but it may just expand your own imagination to flip through — or just help you smile.

Request an Illustration!

Through my decades of creating art, one element that brings me the most joy is fulfilling requests for specific drawings. Therefore, there is a portal for YOU to ask for a specific cartoon or piece of art that would help you — either to explain a vocabulary word or concept, or a story your child would like to hear and see, or an image that would make you happy. 2022 update: I now offer classroom posters!

Give it a try at that link above. I can’t guarantee that I can fulfill all requests, but you may indeed have your dream image created.

May this new creative site bring usefulness and smiles for many years to come! Thanks for being part of the journey.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.