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Teaching Abroad After Age 50: Sri Lanka and China University!

Ruth on a rope bridge in Laos during her travels. Whether you’re a retired veteran teacher, or a young and aspiring Teacher-Traveler, get ready to be inspired by the story of a woman whose travels took off after age 50. […]

/ February 1, 2017
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Laura and one of her students in South Korea.

An Online TEFL Certification Course to Pay for Travel by Teaching Abroad!

Laura and one of her students in South Korea. Teaching Traveling: Is it worth it to take an online TEFL certification course to travel by teaching abroad? Here’s an interview with a young woman named Laura Mcloughlin that dives into […]

/ July 14, 2016
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Nicole on a solo adventure to Abu Dhabi.

Globetrotting to Nearly 40 Countries by Teaching ESL Abroad

Nicole in Cape Town, South Africa. Teaching Traveling: Want inspiration and guidance about how to travel the world by teaching ESL abroad? Behold the fabulous story of Nicole! Nicole, Tell us a bit about your background. Nicole: Hi all. I’m […]

/ December 15, 2015
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Carissa: An accomplished Teacher-Traveler!

Teaching English Abroad in South Korea and Studying in Spain

Carissa: An accomplished Teacher-Traveler! Teaching Traveling: Curious about travel and teaching in Korea, Europe, and beyond? Check out this interview with Carissa Peck, a California teacher who studied abroad in Spain, taught in Korea, and has traveled the world! Carissa, […]

/ April 26, 2015
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James with students in Istanbul, Turkey.

Finding Online ESL Lessons: Ideas from a Traveling Teacher

James with some young locals in a historic Istanbul, Turkey neighborhood. Welcome to the founder of an online English language lessons business called Off2Class. James Heywood is also an expert teacher and traveler. Teaching Traveling: James, tell us about your […]

/ July 28, 2014
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Why It IS Worth It to Get CELTA Certification to Teach ESL

Why It IS Worth It to Get CELTA Certification to Teach ESL

Tasha in the midst of Ubud, Bali. Tasha Hacker is an ESL teacher, CELTA teacher trainer, and the co-founder of multiple English language schools. She has been traveling and teaching abroad for 15 years! Teaching Traveling: Tasha, tell us more […]

/ March 2, 2014
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