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Mat with his new students in Vancouver, Canada.

Teach in Canada, UK, and Australia In This Teacher Exchange

Mat with his new students in Vancouver, Canada. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Mat and Katie, a family who is teaching on an exchange program. Tell us about yourself, Mat! Mat: I have been teaching for 12 years. I have swapped […]

/ May 28, 2013
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Maria in Brugges at the Christmas Market.

How to Teach or Learn a Language Online

Maria in Brugges at the Christmas Market. Teaching Traveling: Curious about making a career through online teaching? Learn more from Maria Ortega Garcia! Maria, tell us about your background. Maria: I am a 32 year old teacher of no fixed […]

/ April 23, 2013
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Sarah in Iceland. Dramatic!

Teaching Exchanges and Student Trips for Cheap Travel

Traveling teacher Sarah in the dramatic scenery of Iceland. What are creative ways teachers can travel the world while still working? Teaching exchanges! Listen and learn as Canadian teacher Sarah Boggett explains how teaching exchanges can expand your horizons. Teaching […]

/ July 16, 2012
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Monks and Randy's daughter on a Thailand bus!

Teaching in Australia, and Family Travel Everywhere Else!

Monks and Randy’s daughters on a Thailand bus!TeachingTraveling.com: Let’s dive into the exciting life of Randy, a U.S.-born teacher living in Australia who has traveled around the world. Welcome, Randy! Tell us a bit about your background. Randy: I was […]

/ December 21, 2010
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Brian posing with a statue of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Brian: Why it’s Worth it to Get TEFL Training to Teach ESL

Brian posing with a statue of Angkor Wat, Cambodia TeachingTraveling.com: A looming question for folks aiming to teach ESL abroad is whether its worth it to complete a TEFL course and become officially certified. To help shed light on this […]

/ December 1, 2010
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An International Educator in Bangladesh, Dubai, Japan, Australia, and U.S.A.

Women carrying wood in Srimangal, Bangladesh, 1997 TeachingTraveling.com: Thanks for chatting with us, Kelly! Tell us about yourself. Kelly: I’ve been an educator for 18 years, though I didn’t take a traditional path into the profession, having interrupted my undergraduate […]

/ November 17, 2010
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