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Free Educational Travel Videos by The Touring Teacher!

Laura Alice hiking around the Six Glaciers, Alberta, Canada. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Laura Alice! Tell us about your background. Laura Alice: Hello! My name is Laura Alice, and I am a Primary School Teacher from Auckland, New Zealand. I...

/ March 14, 2018
With a beautiful waterfall in Rio Celeste, Costa Rica.

Teaching English Online: An Ideal Remote Job to Fund Travel!

Katty with wildlife at Masaai Mara, Kenya. Teaching Traveling: Curious about how to earn money with a remote job teaching online? Looking to become location-independent? Let's welcome Katty Hargrave-Kerns, who will explain her journey to do just that. Katty, tell...

/ December 13, 2017
James with students in Istanbul, Turkey.

Finding Online ESL Lessons: Ideas from a Traveling Teacher

James with some young locals in a historic Istanbul, Turkey neighborhood. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to James Heywood, co-founder of an online ESL lesson business called Off2Class, and long time Teacher-Traveler. James, tell us about your background. James: I’m a 44-year-old...

/ July 28, 2014
Maria in Brugges at the Christmas Market.

A Job Teaching a Language Online With Skype During Travel

Maria in Brugges at the Christmas Market. Teaching Traveling: Curious about making a career through online teaching? Learn more from Maria Ortega Garcia! Maria, tell us about your background. Maria: I am a 32 year old teacher of no fixed...

/ April 23, 2013
Cameron and Maggie at Patara Elephant Farm in Thailand.

An Online Teacher’s Travel to Fight Human Rights Abuses

Cameron at a Vietnam Pottery Village. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to the very accomplished Cameron Conaway, Social Justice Editor at The Good Men Project and award-winning author of “Caged: Memoirs of a Cage-Fighting Poet.” Conaway was the 2011-2012 Poet-in-Residence at the...

/ March 17, 2013
Ryan of "Travel & Graphs" himself. He explains: "I promise my right eye doesn't have terminator capabilities."

How to Do Online Research Well, from Traveling Tutor Ryan

Ryan of "Travel & Graphs" himself. He explains: "I promise my right eye doesn't have terminator capabilities." Teaching Traveling: Read on to learn top tips about online research from traveling tutor Ryan McCoy of TravelAndGraphs.com! Ryan, tell us about your...

/ September 23, 2012