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Classroom Posters Now Available, Hand-Designed by Lillie

Decorating your class or homeschooling space and looking for unique, colorful classroom posters to educate as well as entertain? You’re in luck!

I’m Lillie Marshall, an English teacher for nearly two decades, and creator of this site, — and I’m now offering my hand-designed educational cartoons for purchase as posters, through the new shop on my other site,! Here’s one illustrating “You’re vs. Your,” available in a range of sizes.

Your vs. You're Poster
My Your vs. You’re poster, now available for purchase!

Why Classroom Posters?

How did this line of classroom posters come to be? I have great readers to thank for the idea! Recently, several teachers contacted me, asking if I could offer prints or posters of my educational cartoons for them to decorate their walls.

The first specific request was for a poster adaptation of my article lesson about 4 types of conflict in literature. After many hours of research, I figured out the technology — and here is the resulting poster, below! (Click through for the full product listing.)

4 Types of Conflict Poster
My 4 Types of Conflict poster

PDF Download Printables Available

There are also options for posters of each individual conflict type, and for a more inexpensive “Print Your Own” full color PDF download printable of the types of conflict, if you have access to a color printer and some paper (precious commodities in schools, I know well from experience).

I will be adding to the printables section of my shop with both color and black and white options, including worksheets. If you have a request for what you’d like to see added, let me know, and I’ll bump it up in the queue!

Lose vs. Loose Poster
My Lose vs. Loose poster.

Request a Classroom Poster!

Is there a classroom poster you’d like to see in my shop which isn’t there yet? Please comment on this post, or contact me with your request. It’s very quick now for me to create new posters or PDF downloadable printables of any of my creative drawings already existing on Educational Cartoons Site, and as my availability opens up, I will be increasingly able to offer new pieces of art by request.

I can also make modifications to existing posters based on your tastes, for example, changing background colors, so don’t be shy about reaching out. My hope is to provide you with the classroom posters of your dreams — both colorful and educational — so that your students remember them happily for years to come.

Literal vs. Figurative poster.
My Literal vs. Figurative poster.

Other Products Available, Too

I also have the capability of making MANY other products with this fabulous new technology I finally have figured out, including mugs, shirts, tote bags, and more — ideal for teacher gifts. What would YOU like to see added to my store? The world is our creative oyster!

Metacognition Poster
Want a Metacognition Poster?

Classroom Poster Love

You COULD get all your posters from a robotic big box store… or you COULD support a woman-owned small business for unique, colorful yet educational decorations by clicking here. Won’t you come with me for this new adventure? I look forward to being in touch.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.