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Find a Therapist in MA: this Free Therapy Matcher is Amazing!

As a teacher, parent, world traveler, and human, the topic of mental health is very close to my heart. Thus I realized that I finally needed to write this article to share the #1 tip that most people in Massachusetts don’t know about how to find a therapist — and this tip goes for finding a couples therapist in Boston, an individual therapist in Springfield, or a children’s therapist in Williamstown — wherever and whatever.

This free tip will also explain how to find affordable therapists who are covered by insurance, meaning each session would cost you $20 or $10 instead of $200. If you don’t live in MA, I’d suggest continuing to read this article anyway, because there’s likely a similar service in your state that will save you a ton of time and money in finding mental health supports.

Butterfly representing therapy
A good therapist helps us blossom like butterflies!

Therapy Matcher

Ok, enough with the build-up — what is this tip to how to find an affordable therapist in MA? One URL: Therapy Matcher is a FREE, nonprofit service run by the highly-trained professionals of the Massachusetts chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) — and it’s incredibly easy and effective to use.

All you have to do to find a therapist through Therapy Matcher is email them through their secure contact form with exactly what type of mental health practitioner you’re looking for, and what kind of insurance you have. You can also phone the organization if you’d prefer to have verbal discussions about the therapist match process. You don’t need to be shy about what information you share, because all information shared is kept confidential and respected.

After you submit your online form, Therapy Matcher will email you back promptly with a vetted list of therapists near you (or who do Telehealth remotely) who have availability. Unlike Psychology Today’s therapists who are not extensively screened, every listing on Therapy Matcher is a clinical social worker licensed by the state of Massachusetts, and the vetting is done by professionals dedicated to the important work of this nonprofit.

Quality Therapists in Massachusetts

How does this work out in real life? Is Therapy Matcher legitimate? Yes! Every therapist myself and my friends have been matched with through Therapy Matcher over the past several years has been EXCELLENT. This is a big contrast to the mixed bag of so-so practitioners I found by randomly emailing dozens of therapists through Psychology Today’s listings — a far inferior and less efficient method than Therapy Matcher.

Individual and Couples Therapy in Boston

This is not a sponsored post — this is me sharing a true insight from what finally worked for me, personally, to find an individual and couples therapist in Boston after weeks and weeks of fruitlessly asking around (when it seemed no therapists had any availability at all), and searching Psychology Today. I am very grateful for the therapist friend who suggested Therapy Matcher, thus making my life so much better!

Butterfly on flowers
Beautiful butterfly growth.

A Note About Therapy

Are you on the fence about trying individual or couples therapy? If you can use Therapy Matcher to find a practitioner who has availability and takes your insurance — GO FOR IT! The $10 to $20 of your copay is an amount we all have spent on far less life-changing choices. (Large pizza? Impulse-buy novelty pants? Mediocre dance cover charge? The list goes on.)

Many people feel scared about doing therapy for the first time (or after some years away), but in my years of experience, seeing a therapist has always been beneficial. There are no perfect therapists, and the first one you try may not be a fit — but even the therapists I’ve used who weren’t right for me still contributed a great deal to my learning and growth as a person.

Find a Therapist in MA by Therapy Matcher Today!

If you’ve tried Therapy Matcher, or know of a similar such wonderful free therapy matching service in your state or country, do share!

Like the butterfly photos here? They’re from a recent writing retreat I did and highly recommend!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.