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New Massage Therapist’s Guide: an Educational Book for All

Being a teachers can take many forms, and in this website, I strive to feature global educators of all types — including authors of books on a wide range of topics.

Today we will meet Sarah Dick, an expert masseuse who has just published a guidebook for new massage therapists that has relevant insights for people from ALL walks of life.

Teaching Traveling: Sarah, tell us a bit about your background.

Sarah Dick, author of New Massage Therapist's Guide.
Sarah Dick, author of New Massage Therapist’s Guide.

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Sarah: I have been a full-time licensed massage therapist for 26 years, which is a long career in the massage world. I wanted to share my knowledge with new massage therapists who were trying to figure out their careers — basically, to be the mentor that I wish I could have had. So I wrote a book! In doing this, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of being a writer and a mentor. 

As I was finishing the book, I had a group of beta readers, many of whom happened to be small business owners. Although the book is titled New Massage Therapist’s Guide: Proven & Practical Tips, much of it is great advice for anyone in a customer-facing industry.

New Massage Therapist's Guide.
New Massage Therapist’s Guide.

TT: I agree that this book is relevant to such a wide range of careers! Now, please tell us about important travel you have undertaken.

S: During the 26 years of my career, I took one sabbatical. I was burned out from my work and wanted to explore and travel. 

I took my “Road Trip Across America” for over two months. I loaded my boat of a station wagon (a burgundy Buick Century) with everything I thought I might need and headed out. I slept in the back of it and lived mostly in mother nature and campgrounds. I got to hike every day and loved it! 

In hindsight, as a mature adult, I regret not taking any family or friends with me and for not considering their opinions about me leaving for so long. However, I was young and restless and had the great urge to travel and see the world!

Sarah's car during travel.
Sarah’s car during travel.

TT: Awesome! Tell us one moment from your travels that was particularly powerful, interesting, or funny.

This was scary, but also hilarious to me now. I was driving through the Texas desert during a high winds storm. I looked in my rearview, and saw that my car’s top carrier was hanging precariously from one corner. I had way overloaded it, and only one little screw was still attached to my rooftop rack!

I bungeed that carrier down tight and packed all those belongings into the car. I proceeded cautiously towards L.A., where my uncle and aunt lived and had a mechanic. 

Even with that, I still stopped in Sedona, AZ, and Death Valley National Park to stay and hike. The open sky, the freedom, and the moving of my body were some of the best times of my life.

TT: Wow! How did your travels impact you?

S: My travels taught me that there are so many individuals in the world. We so often lump people into groups. I believe that each person tries their best to live their life as well as possible. I can have compassion because of this insight. It makes one a better leader, teacher, and mentor to see the world through other people’s eyes. Or at least attempt to.

TT: What advice do you have for teachers who are dreaming of travel or travelers dreaming of teaching?

S: Make it happen! Start small if needs be. Gather your family and friends to be your support networks (crucial!) If you can lead people on a trip, all the better, since you might get a stipend or be able to write it off as a business expense.

If you have the travel itch, you have to scratch it, or you will always wonder, what if. Make a plan, set a date, and go! 

TT: Thanks so much, Sarah! Readers, what questions do you have for this expert massage therapy teacher?

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