Nov 182014
Fun Summer Classes in Estonia, and the Trans-Siberian Railway!

TT: Welcome to Pennsylvania teacher, Nicole, who as some brilliant resources for traveling and studying in Eastern Europe! Nicole, tell us about yourself.

Nicole: My name is Nicole and I have been teaching since 2005 in the Pittsburgh area. I have taught in various school district but I currently teach at Agora Cyber Charter School.

The travel bug infected me when I was in the 11th grade. My social studies teacher went to Russia, then part [...Read More!]

Nov 102014
Volunteer Short-Term in the Dominican Republic With Girls!

TT: Only have a week or two, but want to make a big difference in the life of girls? Interested in travel to the beautiful Caribbean? Read this interview with U.S. teacher Emine about her time volunteering in the Dominican Republic!

Emine, tell us a bit about your background. 

Emine: First and foremost, I realize social media has become a platform for over exaggerated personal experiences. Yes, I have edited this so my grammar [...Read More!]

Oct 202014
How a Teacher Travels the World Every Summer Vacation

Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Karen Krzystof-Bansley! Karen, tell us a bit about yourself.

Karen: Hi, my name is Karen and I’m from the suburbs of Chicago. My travel experiences were very limited until after I graduated from college, but have been frequent ever since. Each year I make sure to travel both abroad and domestically. While the list of the locales that I have visited is even longer, some of the [...Read More!]

Oct 122014
An Actress Teaching Theater in Underserved Countries

Teaching Traveling: This story will inspire you to think outside of the box for how to contribute to the world as a teacher.

Welcome to Shelah Marie! Tell us about yourself. 

Shelah: I’m originally from a big family in a small south Florida town called Hollywood —  I guess acting was always in my cards. I’ve been an actress for as long as I can remember, imitating TV, performing in the living room, [...Read More!]

Sep 142014
Teachers, This Interview Will Inspire You To Travel!

Teaching Traveling: Welcome, Mike! Tell us about your background.

Mike: My name is Mike Curtis.  About twenty years ago, during college, I stumbled upon an amazing travel abroad opportunity.  Up until that point, I’d never even thought about leaving my home state much, let alone traveling the world.  To this day, I still don’t know what led me to applying for that program.  Perhaps it was boredom, maybe some inner restlessness, [...Read More!]

Aug 212014
Finding a Job Teaching English at a Private School in Colombia

Teaching Traveling: Considering making the shift from teaching in your home country to an exciting country abroad? Intrigued by Colombia? Check out this inspiring story by Ana Karina. Ana, tell us about yourself. 

Ana: Hi, I’m Ana, a 27 year old born and raised by Colombian parents in New Jersey.  I’ve been teaching foreign languages (Spanish and English) since 2009 in both the USA and in Colombia. Originally, I went to [...Read More!]

Aug 092014
A Mother from the Bahamas, About to Teach Abroad in Asia!

Teaching Traveling: Here’s a story you don’t often hear: A teacher from the Bahamas, gearing up to teach abroad in Asia! Welcome to Clarissa Bolisay Dillet. Tell us a bit about your background, Clarissa. 

Clarissa: My parents are from The Philippines, but I was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. I got my degree in Elementary Education at Barry University in Florida. I’ve been teaching on and off ever since. I took some [...Read More!]

Jul 282014
Finding Online ESL Lessons: Ideas from a Traveling Teacher

Teaching Traveling: Welcome to James Heywood, co-founder of an online ESL lesson business called Off2Class, and long time Teacher-Traveler. 

James, tell us about your background. 

James: I’m a 44-year-old ESL teacher from Australia. I studied Romance languages, literature and linguistics… but after university I didn’t settle well into a corporate job. I moved between different industries, working in hospitality, publishing and finance until I started teaching ESL at the end of 2006. [...Read More!]

Jul 162014
Teaching Abroad in Thailand and Ecuador as an Asian-American

Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Lani, a Thai-American teacher who has been teaching abroad in Thailand and Ecuador!

Lani, tell us more about your background. 

Lani: Originally, I went to school to be an archaeologist, which I did for a short while. I thoroughly enjoyed the work, but it lacked creativity. So I decided to take a break from it with the intention of returning, but I never did.

Instead, I fell in love [...Read More!]

Jun 242014
Travel By Performing Educational Songs: Educorock

Teaching Traveling: Welcome, Steven Langlois, the traveling education rocker behind Educorock! Steven, tell us a bit about your background.

Steven: My name is Steven Langlois and I am a Department Head of Modern Languages and a French Immersion teacher at Sandwich Secondary School in LaSalle, Ontario, Canada. This is my 21st year teaching. In that time, I have taught French (Core and Immersion), English, History and Spanish at seven different schools to [...Read More!]