Apr 092014
A Fulbright Grant to Teach and Travel in South Africa

Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Mica Fidler, a New York teacher who has traveled and taught around the world! Mica, tell us a bit about your background.  

Mica: I’m an avid language learner and travel addict, and I’m blessed to have been able to feed that addiction so liberally in my life. I’m 24 years old and have been to 28 countries, including 8 months living in the UK as a [...Read More!]

Mar 182014
A Brilliant Ghanaian Teacher, Traveling in the UK and Ghana

Teaching Traveling: Please welcome Gameli Adzaho, a Ghanaian teacher who has traveled and studied throughout the UK! 

Gameli: Thanks for the opportunity. This is perhaps my first personal interview. Although I’m heavy on sharing stuff on social media, I prefer to maintain a low personal profile. But as a teacher, I feel the stories of our rich experiences must be shared with colleagues, and the wider world, as a way of [...Read More!]

Mar 022014
Why It IS Worth It to Get CELTA Certification to Teach ESL

Teaching Traveling: Tasha Hacker is an ESL teacher, CELTA Trainer and the co-owner and co-founder of Teaching House, and the English language schools, IH New York and IH Boston. She has been traveling and teaching ESL abroad for 15 years and writes about living the dream by chasing adventures at TurfToSurf.com

Tasha, tell us more about yourself!

Tasha: Originally from Upstate New York, I graduated from St. Lawrence University in 1999 with a degree [...Read More!]

Feb 182014
Amazing World Travels By a New England Teacher

Teaching Traveling: Welcome, Michael! Tell us about yourself.

Michael: My name in Michael Xiarhos, I’m 32 years old…  I am born and raised in Warwick, Rhode Island.  I graduated from Warwick Veterans Memorial High School, got my B.A. from Rhode Island College, my M.A. from Providence College, and I’m currently working towards my Ph.D. at Salve Regina University.  I have been teaching history at the high school level for 10 [...Read More!]

Feb 052014
Free International Travel for Teachers With Two Grants

Teaching Traveling: How can teachers travel the world for free? Meet Arlis Groves, a California teacher who has much to show us about being a superstar teacher traveler. Arlis, tell us a bit about your background. 

Arlis: I’ve called Central California home most of my life, with one exception.  When my oldest daughter was just a toddler, my husband took a job managing a touring band on the east coast. [...Read More!]

Jan 302014
A Japanese Man in Germany to Study Abroad and Teach

Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Haruto, a Japanese man studying and teaching in Germany! Haruto, tell us a bit about your background. 

Haruto: My name is Haruto Abe (my friends know me as Koyotie) and I am from Osaka, Japan. Since I arrived in Germany I started keeping a journal about my observations here, but what is writing for worth if no one is going to read it? Instead of leaving [...Read More!]

Jan 212014
A Teacher, Traveling Europe From a Base in Spain

Teaching Traveling: Want to be inspired? Here’s the fascinating story of a teacher traveler named Kelly. Kelly, tell us a bit about your background.

Kelly: My name is Kelly. Currently, I teach 8th grade English Language Arts in central Massachusetts, where I have lived most of my life, except for 3 years in South Florida. I have been teaching English since 1999, after a brief stint in non-profit marketing [...Read More!]

Dec 242013
Free World Travel for Rural Teachers With This Fellowship!

TT: Get psyched to learn about a program that allows rural teachers to travel the world! Welcome to Katie Hendrickson who participated in the Rural Trust’s Global Teacher Fellowship.  

Katie, tell us about your background. 

Katie: I’m in my 6th year of teaching middle school math in rural southeastern Ohio.  My first trip abroad and first true travel experience was completing my student teaching during 3 months in South Africa.  That was my [...Read More!]

Dec 122013
A Job Teaching International Students About American Culture

Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Tara Madden-Dent, founder of the HLSL Institute: an innovative program to help international students transition into U.S. culture. Tara, tell us about your background.

Tara: It’s a relatively short commute from home in Lake Tahoe to work at the University of Nevada. I’ve taught undergraduate and graduate students “Education and Society”, “Nevada School Law”, & “Children and Families in Multiethnic Societies”. I love what I do, especially when it [...Read More!]

Nov 302013
A Week Volunteering in Honduras to Paint a School Mural

Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Matt, a teacher-in-training who has traveled extensively, most notably to volunteer in Honduras. Matt, tell us about your background. 

Matt: My name is Matthew Wolfert. I am 23-years old, and I am completing my final year as an Elementary Education major with minors in ESL and Music at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. This January I plan to student teach in Milwaukee, Wisconsin through the University [...Read More!]