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Articles on How Social Media and Technology HELP Education

Motorcycling through Vietnam, social media kept me connected, protected, and sane!

Motorcycling through Vietnam, Social Media kept me connected, protected, and sane!

Social Media and technology offer educators a way to travel and connect with people and ideas around the world without leaving home. I have been doing an increasing amount of presenting and writing on the benefits of these tools, and here is my compilation of articles and resources.

Articles on Social Media and Education by @WorldLillie:

Fear is Keeping Teachers from Harnessing the Good of Social Media (EdWeek)

How Technology Saves a Teacher’s Day (Gates Foundation Blog)

Huffington Post Article on Travel to China with 42 Boston Students (Showing how the web lets students share stories with the world)
Teachers, Unite Online to Amplify our Voices! (Free Tech for Teachers)
Join the Education Bloggers Facebook Group! (Teaching Traveling)
Teaching Kids Critical Thinking is Essential to Navigating Social Media (Impatient Optimists)
Education and Social Media Resources from
31 True Life Stories from Students in Ghana, West Africa. (These articles as well as the next two bullet points show the power of social media and technology to unite students and teachers around the world. Feel free to share them with your students, and encourage them to leave comments!)

14 Student Articles About Our Tour of China

14 True Life Stories from Teen and Adult ESL Students

Why We Must Explicitly Teach Students Networking (On and Offline)

4 Awesome Uses for Twitter

Thanks for reading, and I hope these articles are helpful. Do leave comments and questions below, as I could talk about Social Media, Technology, and Education until the cows come home!


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Saturday 9th of March 2013

Great point on how navigating social media teaches critical thinking!

Lillie of

Saturday 9th of March 2013

Thank you!

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