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Links to help teachers travel and travelers teach abroad through paid jobs and volunteer teaching.

The extraordinary Burmese custom of facial tattoos began in the 11th century when some young maiden girls tattooed -- and essentially disfiguring their faces -- to protect them from slavery by the ruling princes.

Great Global Education Resources, FREE for Teachers: Cultural Jambalaya

A multi-generational Maasai village in Eastern Africa. TT: Welcome to Gail Shore, founder of Cultural Jambalaya, an amazing resource for teachers that provides complimentary educational photos and videos from around the world. Gail, tell us about your background. Gail Shore, […]

/ September 8, 2015
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Nathan and his love.

Help for Teachers Wanting to Travel Abroad with Students

Nathan and his wife on their travels. Teaching Traveling: Interested in traveling abroad with students, but don’t know where to start? Nathan Allison, a teacher, traveler, and entrepreneur in Dallas, may have the solution for you! Nathan, tell us about […]

/ June 22, 2015
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This site has travel exchanges for U.S. citizens and non-citizens!

Free Travel Exchange Scholarships from the U.S. Government!

In 2014, I had the honor of attending the White House Travel Bloggers Summit on Study Abroad and Global Engagement, which marked the U.S. government’s new initiative to encourage and assist more Americans of all economic levels to travel and […]

/ December 31, 2014
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Motorcycling through Vietnam, social media kept me connected, protected, and sane!

Articles on How Social Media and Technology HELP Education

Motorcycling through Vietnam, Social Media kept me connected, protected, and sane! Social Media and technology offer educators a way to travel and connect with people and ideas around the world without leaving home. I have been doing an increasing amount […]

/ March 9, 2013
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Kat visiting a school in Guancaste, Costa Rica.

Traveling as a Video Host for Free Global Education Resources

Kat visiting a school in Guancaste, Costa Rica. Teaching Traveling: Ever imagined a career traveling around the world as an on-camera host for an educational video curriculum about global education? Meet Katherine Lonsdorf. Kat, tell us about yourself. Kat: I […]

/ February 9, 2013
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A peek at the August Teaching Traveling e-Newsletter!

Get Teaching Traveling Monthly e-Newsletter: Don’t Miss Out!

August’s Teaching Traveling e-Newsletter! You love the world and you love learning, so don’t miss out… …Sign up for my free monthly Teaching Traveling Monthly e-Newsletter by clicking here and submitting this secure form! Once you’re signed up, you’ll get […]

/ September 4, 2012
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