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How teaching abroad through volunteer or paid jobs helps fund and support extended travel.

Taking a break with some new friends near the Iraq/Iran border.

Mental Health Awareness Around the World with “Hope for the Day”

Wondering about mental and emotional health, education, and resources in different countries? Meet Nancy Bartosz, a woman who is on a leave of absence from teaching in America to travel and explore mental health awareness around the world. Nancy with […]

/ February 15, 2019
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Looking out a future of travel.

How to Travel Cheaply By Home Exchanges, Explained by a Family Doing a World Tour!

It’s possible to travel inexpensively as a family with home exchanges! Teaching Traveling: Looking for an extremely inexpensive way to travel the world? Meet a pair of teachers who will explain how they use a home exchange to stay in […]

/ August 17, 2016
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Eric, always adventuring.

Why You Can Travel for Cheap and Find a Job Anywhere

Eric, always adventuring. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Eric Gonzalez who has spent nearly a decade doing a combination of traveling and working around the world. Eric, tell us about your background! Eric: I’ve been roaming around the world for about […]

/ April 29, 2014
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Sam and Zab on the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

Long-Term RTW Travel After Teaching ESL Abroad in Europe

Sam and Zab on the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Sam, the experienced teacher-traveler behind from Indefinite Adventure! Sam, tell us more about background. Sam: I’m from London, UK, currently travelling in South America with my partner, […]

/ August 3, 2013
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Ian summiting a mountain in Arosa, Switzerland.

A Teacher’s Travel to Over 30 Countries on a Leave of Absence

Ian summiting a mountain in Arosa, Switzerland. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Ian, a teacher who has traveled to over 30 countries, and is now on a year-long leave of absence to see more of the world! Ian, tell us about […]

/ April 9, 2013
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Goats on the Road in China!

Happy Travel and Teaching Abroad Without TEFL Certification

Teaching Traveling: How did a Canadian couple find jobs teaching abroad when they didn’t have teaching degrees nor TEFL certification? Read and learn from Nick and Dariece, “Goats on the Road.” Take it away, Dariece! Dariece: We are Nick & […]

/ February 19, 2013
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