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Ideas to Stop Teacher Burnout, by a Traveling Education Author!

Jenny in Thailand on her world travels. Teacher burnout is real! Travel and writing can be two ways to help ease it. Let’s hear from an expert education author who will share stories of her travels and insights on stress […]

/ November 26, 2016
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Adam surfing in Puerto Rico.

Science Fair Curriculum and Lessons to Make Teaching it Great!

Adam surfing in Puerto Rico. Teaching Traveling: Know a Science teacher anywhere in the world who wants some great lesson ideas? Read on to hear the wonderful curriculum that my colleague, Adam Shopis has created! Adam, tell us about yourself. […]

/ November 24, 2014
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Richard with his book.

Travel and Teaching Around Southeast Asia Leads to a Book

Richard with his book. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Richard Arthur. Richard, tell us about yourself. Richard: I grew up in Cambridgeshire, England and did my CELTA training straight after graduating from university, with the intention of moving abroad to teach […]

/ November 16, 2013
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Dianne and Stanford on their travels.

A Retired Couple, Writing Guidebooks During Travel to Rome

Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Dianne and Bill, adventurous and intellectual authors of two guidebooks on Rome, Italy! Tell us a bit about your background. Dianne & Bill: We are a long-married couple, from Seattle and Chicago respectively, who met at […]

/ October 28, 2013
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Lourdes, a "cooking guru" Bonnie met in Mexico.

An Artist and Book Author’s Fearless Travels Around the World

Lourdes, a “cooking guru” Bonnie met in Mexico. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Bonnie Kassel, world traveler, artist, and author of Without a Spare: A Fearless Woman’s Life of Travel. Bonnie, tell us about your background. Bonnie weaving in San Miguel. […]

/ July 8, 2013
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Cover your ears! Cultures merge as Scotland and China salute Bon Jovi.

Wuhu, China for Short-Term English Teaching Abroad

Neil’s classroom in Wuhu, China. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Neil Robertson, a Scottish traveler who spent four months teaching in China. Neil, tell us about your background. Neil: I’m 25, Scottish, living and working in Glasgow now having been travelling […]

/ May 19, 2013
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