Wow. If you are a Boston teacher who dreams of travel but is worried about money, don’t even think about stepping away from this computer right now. In fact, if you live nowhere near Boston and aren’t even a teacher, stick around anyway, because there’s a valuable lesson in the poster below: THERE IS MONEY OUT THERE TO PURSUE YOUR TRAVEL DREAMS!

I know a whole bevy of BPS teachers who have been granted thousands of travel-funding dollars through this Fund for Teachers Program, and they all had phenomenal trips. Why wait? Scroll down to find out how to apply! And if you don’t live in Boston, start sniffing around for other scholarships. Sparkling opportunities like this do exist, and when we find them, we gotta pounce!

Boston Fund for Teachers Recruitment Poster

What an amazing opportunity. Apply now!

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  1. Teachers should feel really lucky that this is up. I know I would feel grateful.


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