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Ideas, programs, jobs, volunteer positions, and resources for teaching and travel in Thailand.

Becoming an Education Author After Years as a Traveling Teacher and Administrator

Jenny in Thailand on her world travels. Teaching Traveling: How does one get their start as a teacher, traveler, AND author? Let's learn from a woman who has accomplished that trifecta, Jenny Grant Rankin, PhD! Jenny, tell us a bit...

/ November 26, 2016
Casey with her students in Thailand.

What Is It Like to Teach Abroad at an International School in Thailand?

Casey with her students in Thailand. Teaching Traveling: Curious what it's like to teach abroad in Thailand? Let's get the scoop from Casey O'Connell! Tell us about yourself, Casey. Casey: Hi, I’m Casey! I’m 24 years old, and I’m from...

/ May 3, 2016
Monica soaking up the sun during her Thailand travels.

A Volunteer’s Journey: Teaching English in Thailand Short-Term

The beautiful temples of Thailand. Teaching Traveling: Ever wanted to volunteer teach in Thailand, even if you come from a different line of work than education? Curious what travel and teaching abroad are like as a Eurasian? Meet Monica, and...

/ December 15, 2014
Lani in Kuala Lumphur, Malaysia.

Teaching Abroad in Thailand and Ecuador as an Asian-American

Lani in Kuala Lumphur, Malaysia, 2009. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Lani, a Thai-American teacher who has been teaching abroad in Thailand and Ecuador! Lani, tell us more about your background. Lani: Originally, I went to school to be an archaeologist,...

/ July 16, 2014
Richard with his book.

Travel and Teaching Around Southeast Asia Leads to a Book

Richard with his book. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Richard Arthur. Richard, tell us about yourself. Richard: I grew up in Cambridgeshire, England and did my CELTA training straight after graduating from university, with the intention of moving abroad to teach...

/ November 16, 2013
Klelia and her boyfriend during the Art Hour at school in Thailand.

An Italian Ballet Teacher and ESL Instructor in Thailand

Klelia and her boyfriend during her birthday at school in Thailand. TT: What OTHER things besides ESL can you teach in order to travel the world? How about DANCE? Welcome Klelia who is a ballet teacher around the world. Klelia,...

/ September 7, 2013