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After visiting Japanese high school students and learning about their school's peace programs

A Hiroshima, Japan Tour for Educators, Plus 6 Other Summer Travel Grants

Want a funded summer educator tour of Japan to explore lessons of Hiroshima? Oleander Initiative participants in Miyajima Island, Japan. Learn about the Oleander Initiative from Mariah Pol, a teacher who recently completed this tour, along with several other travel grants she recommends. Teaching Traveling: Mariah, […]

/ May 16, 2019
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A powerful mural in Nagasaki.

A Teacher Travel Grant to Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, Japan

Amazing teacher travel grant to Japan: The Oleander Initiative is a funded educational tour to Nagasaki and Hiroshima to study history. Fascinating interview.

/ October 6, 2018
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With Eva Kor in front of a liberation photo. The child she is pointing to is herself! The little girl next to her was her twin sister, Miriam.

Programs to Study WWII and the Holocaust in Europe and Japan

Teaching Traveling: Interested in teacher travel opportunities and scholarships to study WWII and the Holocaust in Europe and Japan? Read on to learn about some amazingly powerful educational trips, as explained by Illinois teacher, Stephanie Krzeminski. Stephanie at the torii […]

/ September 9, 2018
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Teaching English in China: Halloween costumes!

Don’t Love Teaching Abroad? It Can Still Lead to Great Opportunities!

Shannon in China, while teaching abroad there. Teaching Traveling: Not sure if teaching abroad is right for you? Meet Shannon, a Philadelphia native who tried teaching ESL in Asia, and realized it wasn’t a match for her, but used it […]

/ January 17, 2018
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Germany, where Haruto now lives.

A Japanese Man in Germany to Study Abroad and Teach

Germany, where Haruto now lives. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Haruto, a Japanese man studying and teaching in Germany! Haruto, tell us a bit about your background. Haruto: My name is Haruto Abe (my friends know me as Koyotie) and I […]

/ January 30, 2014
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Dana on a weekend trip to Nice, France in September 2013, just before her teaching contract in France started!

Teach English in Japan at a Summer Camp, and in France with TAPIF!

Dana on a weekend trip to Nice, France in September 2013, just before her teaching contract in France started! Teaching Traveling: Want to be inspired and informed about how to teach abroad from an expert? Please welcome brilliant Teacher-Traveler Dana […]

/ November 3, 2013
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