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Sally in the Galapagos Islands.

A Job Teaching Parents How to Travel Better, With Kids or in Groups

Sally in the Galapagos Islands. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Sally Black, a professional teacher of travel! Sally, tell us about yourself. Sally: Full disclosure, I am not a traditional teacher in a classroom. Rather, I teach parents to learn to […]

/ July 28, 2017
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Lani in Kuala Lumphur, Malaysia.

Teaching Abroad in Thailand and Ecuador as an Asian-American

Lani in Kuala Lumphur, Malaysia, 2009. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Lani, a Thai-American teacher who has been teaching abroad in Thailand and Ecuador! Lani, tell us more about your background. Lani: Originally, I went to school to be an archaeologist, […]

/ July 16, 2014
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A Los Angeles EFL Teacher, Obsessively Addicted to Travel

Beautiful wildlife spotted by Piero at Mt. Chimborazo in Ecuador. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to teacher-traveler Piero Carlini! Piero, tell us about your background. Piero: I’ve been teaching and traveling for 30 years— in fact, like many a poor soul, it […]

/ July 17, 2013
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Chill Expeditions Team, Isabella, Galapagos.

Educational Group Tours to Latin America and Spain

Chill Expeditions Team, Isabella, Galapagos. Teaching Traveling: Curious how teachers can become travel entrepreneurs? Check out this story of Crawford Hill! Crawford, tell us about your background. Crawford: I taught high school biology for 35 years outside Philadelphia (where I […]

/ December 16, 2012
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Maureen with students in Ecuador.

From Intelligence Official to Book Author in Ecuador

Maureen with students in Ecuador. Teaching Traveling: Welcome, Maureen Klovers! Readers, get ready for a remarkable story unlike any you’ve heard before. Maureen, tell us about your background. Maureen: I have a checkered past! Originally from Milwaukee, I started my […]

/ April 5, 2012
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Krishna with English students in Ecuador.

Why Teaching Abroad Builds Marketable Career Skills

Krishna with some of his English students in Ecuador. Ever worried that you’d be “wasting time” by teaching abroad, especially if you don’t plan on teaching forever? Erase that thought by reading Krishna’s account of teaching English in Ecuador in […]

/ April 3, 2011
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