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Visiting the site of Anne of Green Gables.

Literature Travel: Ideas for Visiting Places from Books in Real Life

Visiting the site of Anne of Green Gables. Teaching Traveling: Ever considered travel inspired by the locations of famous literature? Let’s speak with a librarian named Elizabeth from the blog, A Suitcase Full of Books, about her journey to search...

/ March 26, 2017
The Teaching Assistant Program in France, Seen by a Woman from Iowa

The Teaching Assistant Program in France, Seen by a Woman from Iowa

The countryside in Chambery, France, where Laura lived. Teaching Traveling: Curious about how to live and teach abroad in France? Laura Willis has some advice! Laura, tell about your background. Laura: My name is Laura, a 25-year-old teacher and student...

/ February 21, 2017
Colorful Trondheim, Norway.

A Sabbatical from Teaching in the U.S. to Be an Educator in Norway

Colorful Trondheim, Norway. Teaching Traveling: Ever thought of taking a year off teaching at home to be an educator in another country? Check out this story of Lynn Janik! Lynn, tell us about your background. Lynn: Greetings from Norway! Although...

/ February 11, 2017

Teaching Monks in Sri Lanka and University in China After Age 50

Ruth on a rope bridge in Laos during her travels. Teaching Traveling: Whether you're a retired veteran teacher, or a young and aspiring Teacher-Traveler, get ready to be inspired by the story of a woman named Ruth Sheffer whose travels...

/ February 1, 2017
With a camel in the Sahara Desert, Morocco.

How to Teach in France Without an EU Passport: Several Brilliant Suggestions

Dana in San Sebastien, Spain. Teaching Traveling: Here to discuss the hot topic of how to find a job teaching in France without an EU passport is Dana Wielgus. Tell us about your background, Dana. Dana: Bonjour! My name is...

/ January 5, 2017

Becoming an Education Author After Years as a Traveling Teacher and Administrator

Jenny in Thailand on her world travels. Teaching Traveling: How does one get their start as a teacher, traveler, AND author? Let's learn from a woman who has accomplished that trifecta, Jenny Grant Rankin, PhD! Jenny, tell us a bit...

/ November 26, 2016