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International School Teaching, Saving Enough for Time Off to Travel

International School Teaching, Saving Money for Time Off to Travel

Tim, while international school teaching. Teaching Traveling: A common question for Teacher-Travelers is, “Can I earn enough as an international school teacher to take time off to travel?” Though the answer varies by location and position, this interview with Tim […]

/ February 19, 2018
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Casey with her students in Thailand.

Bangkok International School, TeachAway, and Volunteers for Peace

Casey with her students in Thailand. Teaching Traveling: Curious what it’s like to teach abroad in Thailand? Let’s get the scoop from Casey O’Connell! Tell us about yourself, Casey. Casey: Hi, I’m Casey! I’m 24 years old, and I’m from […]

/ May 3, 2016
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Kristy, Mastering Haggling in Dubai Souqs.

A Job Teaching in Dubai at an International School

Kristy, mastering haggling in a Dubai souq. Curious about what it’s like to teach at an International School in Dubai, and travel on every holiday? Read on for the story of Kristy-Lee Adams! Kristy, tell us a bit about […]

/ August 21, 2011
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Candice: "Mom Most Traveled"

A Mom Teaching ESL in China, and at an International School in Laos

Candice: “Mom Most Traveled” Is it possible to get a job teaching abroad in Asia as a mother with young kids? What a cool guest we have today! Candice Broom is a world-traveling teacher who is currently educating in Laos! […]

/ April 25, 2011
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Hanging with adopted Thai family on an island in Thailand.

From International Housesitting to School Administrator Abroad

Sheila with her husband, Evo Terra, in Thailand, where they now work. Teaching Traveling: Want a secret to affordable travel? Curious about working as a school administrator in another country? Check out the inspiring story of how Sheila Dee came […]

/ September 30, 2017
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Chris in Prague!

How to Teach Internationally: Useful Tips on School Jobs Abroad

Chris at World Ultimate Club Championships in Prague with his Japanese teammate Reiko. Teaching Traveling: Dream of teaching internationally? Chris Polley has become an expert in the topic. Chris, tell us about your background. Chris: I’m from Long Island, New […]

/ November 18, 2012
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