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My students in Ghana reading a blog article I wrote about them!
My students in Ghana reading a blog article I wrote about them!

I had just finished a presentation on Global Education during the EdCamp Boston Conference, and was happily schmoozing in the Education Bloggers discussion group.

As we sat in our tight little circle swapping ideas, we realized: there are a LOT of Education Bloggers out there, but we hardly ever converse or share ideas.

What an amazing impact would come from finally uniting forces!

At that point, the Education Bloggers Facebook Group was born. Please help spread the word about this new group to anyone, anywhere in the world who either runs or regularly writes for education-related blogs! Education bloggers of all levels and followings are welcome. Find and join the group by clicking this link: and then requesting to join.

Join us, oh Education Bloggers of the world!
Join us, oh Education Bloggers of the world!

The purpose of the EdBlogs group is to unite Education Bloggers so we can connect, help each other grow, and share ideas. We are using Facebook because:

1) The majority of folks are on Facebook anyway, and…

2) Facebook Groups have an advantage over Pages because they have the option to send emails to all members whenever a new post is created. This facilitates a tight-knit, in-touch community.

I modeled this group after the wildly successful Travel Bloggers Facebook Group which has nearly 1,400 members, and has made a GIANT positive impact in improving the unity, skills, knowledge, and blog traffic of its members. The potential of our Education Bloggers group is massive.

To further enhance our community, we have also launched a weekly Education Bloggers Twitter Chat on Thursdays at 8pm-9pm EST using the hashtag #EdBlogs .

Thanks for helping spread the word. Let’s work together to amplify the voices and enhance the toolkit of Education Bloggers around the world!

Note: The first photo in this article is from the three months I spent volunteer teaching in Ghana. To read the blog article about the writing project I did with the students in Ghana, click here!


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    Ms Marshall–
    We’ve linked to this very helpful post on our blog/website, . I hope you and your web friends take a look at our site. Our aim is to provide teachers with concepts, guidance, examples, and skills to explain the work of good teaching to the wider public, and to advocate for support for teachers and education. The attacks and budget cuts we’re seeing make it crucial that teachers begin to speak up and explain ourselves — no one else can do it for us. If you like what you see on our site, I hope you’ll subscribe and share with us (on our “Contact Us” page) some stories and examples that can help other teachers see how they can use their voice thoughtfully and effectively.
    –Steve Zemelman

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    Hi Lillie. I would like to join the group although I am not a CURRENT education blogger, but I am thinking about how to use blogs more to document my teaching practice. I hope that it is still possible for me to join this group. I sent a request. Thanks! :)

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    Great website, Lillie. I really miss traveling with students each year and your website has brought back some fun memories. Retirement has its upsides, but not getting to lead student trips anymore is one of the downsides. Hopefully we can get a chance to talk at TBEX Keystone. In the meantime, congratulations on your upcoming big day in July. I wish you the best of luck.

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    This blog is a great idea!! I love travelling too and I also think that it helps us as teachers to learn how different people and cultures live! I usually use Facebook as a personal net. Do you have something similar on Linkedin? What do you think of this?

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    Lovely invite to the group. Thank you for all of your hard work in organizing. Love the picture of students reading the blog post. The world is so circular and so connected.

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