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Teaching and traveling in Ghana, West Africa!

10 Ways Travel Enhances You as a Teacher and a Person!

Teaching and traveling in Ghana, West Africa! Why all this fuss about getting more teachers to travel and more travelers to teach, anyway? Is it really worth it? In a word: YESSSSSS!!! A huge thanks to the famous EF Tours...

/ January 31, 2011

Interview with Caz: Teaching in London, Thailand, Dublin, Australia, Raleigh, and Beyond!

  TeachingTraveling.com: Welcome, Caz! Please tell us a bit about your background. Caz: I am from a small coastal town about an hour north of Sydney, Australia. I graduated from University as a primary school teacher in ’97, and three...

/ October 23, 2010

Interview With Cybel: Teaching Film in Belize and Nigeria

  TeachingTraveling.com: Thanks so much for chatting with us, Cybel! Tell us about your background. Cybel: I'm a native New Yorker and work as a Cinematographer for commercials, documentaries and feature films. I went to a very good high school,...

/ October 22, 2010

International Student Stories to Use In Your Classroom

Yay for listening to the fascinating voices of students! One way we as teachers can bring travel into our classroom at home is by sharing wonderful true-life stories of students from around the world. Check out these: Ideas on how...

/ October 15, 2010