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How to find a job teaching English abroad, advice on TEFL, CELTA, and other certification, why working overseas can be great, where in the world to live, and other tips.

Carissa: An accomplished Teacher-Traveler!

Teaching English Abroad in South Korea and Studying in Spain

Carissa: An accomplished Teacher-Traveler! Teaching Traveling: Curious about travel and teaching in Korea, Europe, and beyond? Check out this interview with Carissa Peck, a California teacher who studied abroad in Spain, taught in Korea, and has traveled the world! Carissa, […]

/ April 26, 2015
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Ana Horseback riding with friends in Sanat Fe de Antioquia, Colombia.

Finding a Job Teaching English in Colombia at a Private School

Ana Horseback riding with friends in Sanat Fe de Antioquia, Colombia. Teaching Traveling: Considering teaching English abroad? Intrigued by Colombia? Check out this inspiring story by Ana Karina. Ana, tell us about yourself. Ana: Hi, I’m Ana, a 27 year […]

/ August 21, 2014
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Snorkeling: One of Clarissa's favorite pastimes in The Bahamas.

A Mother from the Bahamas, About to Teach Abroad in Asia!

Snorkeling: One of Clarissa’s favorite pastimes in The Bahamas. Teaching Traveling: Here’s a story you don’t often hear: A teacher from the Bahamas, gearing up to teach abroad in Asia! Welcome to Clarissa Bolisay Dillet. Tell us a bit about […]

/ August 9, 2014
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Lani in Kuala Lumphur, Malaysia.

Teaching Abroad in Thailand and Ecuador as an Asian-American

Lani in Kuala Lumphur, Malaysia, 2009. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Lani, a Thai-American teacher who has been teaching abroad in Thailand and Ecuador! Lani, tell us more about your background. Lani: Originally, I went to school to be an archaeologist, […]

/ July 16, 2014
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So many sights to see when teaching overseas.

Teaching Overseas in Azerbaijan, Venezuela, and More

Iguazu Falls, Argentina was Amanda’s first taste of gigantic waterfalls. Teaching Traveling: Readers, get psyched to learn how one woman taught abroad in Azerbaijan, Japan, Italy, and now Venezuela! Welcome, Amanda. Tell us a bit about your background. Amanda: I’m […]

/ June 5, 2014
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Eric, always adventuring.

Why You Can Travel for Cheap and Find a Job Anywhere

Eric, always adventuring. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Eric Gonzalez who has spent nearly a decade doing a combination of traveling and working around the world. Eric, tell us about your background! Eric: I’ve been roaming around the world for about […]

/ April 29, 2014
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