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How to find a job teaching English abroad, advice on TEFL, CELTA, and other certification, why working overseas can be great, where in the world to live, and other tips.

Treen: From Aboriginal Australia, to RTW, to Indonesia!

Treen on an elelephant! Are you ready for a giantly awesome tale? Let’s hand it over to Treen to read the story of the first 34 years of her teaching traveling life! My name is Katrina and I come from...

/ November 8, 2010

Pei Pei: A Boston Teacher, Working in Bulgaria!

Pei Pei in Kovachevitsa, a mountain village south of Sofia, Bulgaria Today we're thrilled to have the first-hand story of my former Boston Public Schools coworker, Pei Pei, who is currently in month two of a fascinating teaching gig in...

/ November 1, 2010

Interview With Andrew: From Teacher-Travel to GO!Overseas

Andrew on a boat in Thailand! TeachingTraveling.com: Welcome, Andrew! Please tell us some background about yourself. Andrew: I’ll try my best to keep this brief! My name is Andrew, I’m 25, and I'm currently based in San Fransisco. I work...

/ October 26, 2010