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How teaching abroad through volunteer or paid jobs helps travel RTW (around the world).

Eric, always adventuring.

Why You Can Travel for Cheap and Find a Job Anywhere

Eric, always adventuring. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Eric Gonzalez who has spent nearly a decade doing a combination of traveling and working around the world. Eric, tell us about your background! Eric: I’ve been roaming around the world for about […]

/ April 29, 2014
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Klelia and her boyfriend during the Art Hour at school in Thailand.

An Italian Ballet Teacher and ESL Instructor in Thailand

Klelia and her boyfriend during her birthday at school in Thailand. TT: What OTHER things besides ESL can you teach in order to travel the world? How about DANCE? Welcome Klelia who is a ballet teacher around the world. Klelia, […]

/ September 7, 2013
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Sam and Zab on the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

Long-Term RTW Travel After Teaching ESL Abroad in Europe

Sam and Zab on the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Sam, the experienced teacher-traveler behind from Indefinite Adventure! Sam, tell us more about background. Sam: I’m from London, UK, currently travelling in South America with my partner, […]

/ August 3, 2013
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A Los Angeles EFL Teacher, Obsessively Addicted to Travel

Beautiful wildlife spotted by Piero at Mt. Chimborazo in Ecuador. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to teacher-traveler Piero Carlini! Piero, tell us about your background. Piero: I’ve been teaching and traveling for 30 years— in fact, like many a poor soul, it […]

/ July 17, 2013
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Lourdes, a "cooking guru" Bonnie met in Mexico.

An Artist and Book Author’s Fearless Travels Around the World

Lourdes, a “cooking guru” Bonnie met in Mexico. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Bonnie Kassel, world traveler, artist, and author of Without a Spare: A Fearless Woman’s Life of Travel. Bonnie, tell us about your background. Bonnie weaving in San Miguel. […]

/ July 8, 2013
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A job as a Tequila farmer?!

Odd Jobs that Allow You to Travel, No Experience Required!

A job as a Tequila farmer?! Teaching Traveling: Today we have a different type of teacher. Turner Barr is a man who travels around the world, taking vastly different odd jobs at a rapid pace, and teaching his readers about […]

/ May 5, 2013
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