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Candice: "Mom Most Traveled"

Candice: A Mom, ESL in China, and International School in Laos

Candice: "Mom Most Traveled" TeachingTraveling.com: What a cool guest we have today! Candice Broom is a world-traveling teacher who is currently educating in Laos! Candice, tell us about yourself. Candice: I am from Birmingham, Alabama. I finished my Mass Communications...

/ April 25, 2011

Travis: Working and Teaching His Way Around the World

Travis, triumphant after climbing Mt. Fuji in Japan! TeachingTraveling.com: Howdy, Travis! Tell us about yourself. Travis: I grew up in a small town called Los Angeles, California and, aside from travel, have lived in Southern California all my life. In...

/ November 19, 2010

Interview with Adam: a St. Louis Teacher, Around the World!

Adam (with Megan) at Machu Picchu, Peru! TeachingTraveling.com: Splendid to converse, Adam! Please tell us about your background. Adam: I am a 32-year-old former teacher (for now), and I taught high school English at all boys school in St. Louis...

/ November 4, 2010