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Why diversity benefits us all.

Why Do We Need Racial Diversity? Success, Money, and Impact to Benefit Us All!

Our world is diverse and beautiful. Photo by Roni Faida. Questions around diversity are central to education and travel spheres. In education, some districts are trying to hire and maintain a more diverse staff. "But why?" some ask. In the...

/ April 29, 2017
Anya exploring the world in her picture books!

Multicultural Picture Books for Kids to Explore Countries of the World!

Anya, exploring the world in her picture books! Teaching Traveling: Are you seeking multicultural children's books about traveling the world? Learn here about the gorgeous texts by Nikko M. FungChung! Nikko, tell us about your background, and how you started...

/ March 19, 2017
World Stop TB Day is March 24, 2012!

Why is Stop Kony Getting More Press Than World Stop TB Day?

World Stop TB Day is March 24, 2012! Image from MyStopTB.org I have a message for you from my friend who is a doctor in Mozambique. "It's painful," my friend wrote to me yesterday, "that the Stop Kony campaign has...

/ March 21, 2012
Sogakope students (not the bullies!)

Nyamata: A Ghana Student’s Day of Half Joy and Half Pain

Me teaching in Sogakope, Ghana last year! Note from Lillie Marshall of TeachingTraveling.com: Last year at this time, I was in my third of three glorious months volunteer teaching in Ghana. Now, back home in Boston, it is a joy...

/ March 17, 2011

International Student Stories to Use In Your Classroom

Yay for listening to the fascinating voices of students! One way we as teachers can bring travel into our classroom at home is by sharing wonderful true-life stories of students from around the world. Check out these: Ideas on how...

/ October 15, 2010