A photo I snapped in Thailand, on AroundTheWorldL.com

A photo I snapped in Thailand, which you can find on AroundTheWorldL.com

Great opportunity alert!

Do you know any kids age 14-18 who are interested in travel blogging?

Tell them to click THIS LINK to get information on how to apply for the free and fabulous youth travel blogging mentorship just launched by the Wandering Educators Travel Site!

This program provides amazing training to youth who dream of travel blogging. It leads students through a structured, engaging curriculum led by some of the top travel writers out there.

Tell all the youth you know to apply. An opportunity like this can change the life of a young person!

For more about the inspirational Wandering Educators online community, click here for our TeachingTraveling.com interview with its founder, Jessie.

For my personal story about how having a Travel Blogger Mentor changed MY personal travel blogging life, click here!

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  1. Thanks so much, Lillie, for sharing our new program! We’re so excited – and are getting fantastic students in. YAY!


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