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Learn Steph's tips to travel the world affordably as a student!

Student Travel Ideas: Study Abroad and Programs When Money is Tight

Learn Steph’s tips to travel the world affordably as a student! Teaching Traveling: Curious about how travel as a student can lead to a lifetime of inspiration and opportunities? Today we have a special interviewee: Steph Alexandre, who was one […]

/ August 9, 2017
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Looking out over the land of English literature.

Short Study Abroad in the UK for Teachers: Scholarships Available!

Martha studying Shakespeare where the Bard lived and wrote! Teaching Traveling: Are you a teacher interested in a great travel and professional development opportunity to study in the United Kingdom for a week or three? Let’s learn about one of […]

/ June 16, 2017
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Germany, where Haruto now lives.

A Japanese Man in Germany to Study Abroad and Teach

Germany, where Haruto now lives. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Haruto, a Japanese man studying and teaching in Germany! Haruto, tell us a bit about your background. Haruto: My name is Haruto Abe (my friends know me as Koyotie) and I […]

/ January 30, 2014
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Angela in Verona, Italy!

Study Abroad in Italy, Despite Health and Money Hardships

Angela in Verona, Italy! Angela was a student in the first class I ever taught as an official Boston Public Schools teacher, seven years ago. She was a senior in high school and I was 21 years old… not […]

/ January 28, 2011
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Carissa: An accomplished Teacher-Traveler!

Teaching English Abroad in South Korea and Studying in Spain

Carissa: An accomplished Teacher-Traveler! Teaching Traveling: Curious about travel and teaching in Korea, Europe, and beyond? Check out this interview with Carissa Peck, a California teacher who studied abroad in Spain, taught in Korea, and has traveled the world! Carissa, […]

/ April 26, 2015
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Iconic Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tempted to Quit Teaching to Find Jobs Abroad for Adventure?

Considering leaving the classroom to live overseas? Learning can continue after changing careers to find other jobs abroad! Exploring Victoria Falls, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Derek Hartman who has powerful experience […]

/ July 30, 2019
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