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Kate's Guatemala friends, Rosa, Ale, and Laura at LAVOS.

Learning Spanish and Volunteering with Deaf Children in Guatemala

Kate’s students at LAVOSI, a school in Guatemala for deaf children. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Massachusetts teacher, Kate, who has taken some AMAZING international travel vacations during her summers. Kate, tell us about yourself. Kate: My name is Kate Baldwin […]

/ March 1, 2012
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Jason and his Ixil translator, Maria, in Chajul, Guatemala.

A Guatemala Travel Program That You Can Do, Too!

Jason and Ixil translator, Maria Velasco Raymundo, in Chajul, Guatemala. Let’s welcome Jason Bisping, a theatre teacher who had a wonderful experience in Guatemala with Limitless Horizons Ixil, an organization which is recruiting people like YOU, readers, to apply, […]

/ March 7, 2011
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Volcan Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

TEFL Certification Can Lead to Surprising Jobs and Opportunity

  Certification in TEFL, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, can help teach abroad… and much more.  Here is one example of how a TEFL course opened doors for travel and a variety of jobs. Tishely Hiking Rainbow Mountain in […]

/ June 20, 2019
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REAL Teacher Appreciation: 200 Travel and Funding Opportunities!

For Teacher Appreciation Day and Week, people often want gift ideas… but here’s a better plan: Share this treasure trove of over 200 funded teacher travel and global education opportunities, and help a great educator (maybe YOU) win a grant […]

/ March 3, 2019
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With a beautiful waterfall in Rio Celeste, Costa Rica.

Teach English Online: An Ideal Remote Job to Fund Travel!

Katty with wildlife at Masaai Mara, Kenya. Curious about legitimate work from home jobs that allow freedom? Want to supplement your income or be a digital nomad? Why not… teach English online? Teaching Traveling: Let’s welcome Katty Hargrave-Kerns, who will explain […]

/ December 13, 2017
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Reagan with Gerson Morales, the mayor of Yanga, Mexico, and her dad.

Extensive Travel as a Woman of Color: Exploring Race and the World

Reagan with Gerson Morales, the mayor of Yanga, Mexico, and her dad. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Regan, an advocate for travel by people of color. Reagan, tell us about yourself. Regan: I grew up in Madison Wisconsin. When I was […]

/ February 23, 2015
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