Feb 092013
Traveling as a Video Host for Free Global Education Resources

Teaching Traveling: Ever imagined a career traveling around the world as an on-camera host for an educational video curriculum about global education? Meet Katherine Lonsdorf.

Kat, tell us about yourself. 

Kat: I am originally from a small town near Madison, Wisconsin.  While Madison is not a big city by any means, or even known for being that culturally diverse, I remember brief interactions with other cultures that had a lasting impact [...Read More!]

Jan 242013
How to Hitchhike Around the World? Ask the Guru, Kurt!

Teaching Traveling: Is it possible to safely hitchhike around the world? Let’s get a lesson from the “Hitchhiking Guru,” Kurt Provost! 

Kurt, tell us about yourself and how your travel adventures began.

Kurt: I was a bored student in a small coastal town in Australia, much like any other bored student in a small town. Life for me during high school was less of a cocoon to emerge gloriously from but a [...Read More!]

Aug 142012
Leaving a Career to Teach Abroad and Travel the World: Rory

Teaching Traveling: Do you think you’re too old or entrenched in your career and mortgage to travel and teach around the world? 

Rory Cummins explains why you’re not. Rory, tell us about your background.

Rory: It all started back in 2009. My desire to travel the world and fulfill my dream was a thought that was continually in the front of my mind, though it was one that I had been putting [...Read More!]

Jul 162012
Sarah: Teaching Exchanges and Student Trips for Cheap Travel

Teaching Traveling: What are creative ways teachers can travel the world while still working? 

Listen and learn as Canadian teacher Sarah Boggett explains how teaching exchanges can expand your horizons.

Tell us about your background, Sarah.

Sarah: I am a 34 year old travelling teacher. I grew up in a travelling family in Ontario, Canada. Every couple of years we would head back to England and Scotland to visit all of our relatives.  When I [...Read More!]

Jul 062012
Marilyn: Advice on How to Travel the World Cheaply at Any Age

Teaching Traveling: Have you ever wondered how to travel to dozens of countries around the world cheaply as a teacher?

Have you wondered if there was an age limit to travel?

Read this interview with American teacher Marilyn Cook and be inspired and educated! Marilyn, tell us about yourself.

Marilyn: I am a small-town Mississippian, transported to metropolitan Jacksonville, Florida, kind of with two lives.

The first year out of college I taught [...Read More!]

May 222012
Iain and Claire: Epic RTW Travel and Volunteer-Teaching Tibetans

Teaching Traveling: Readers, are you interested in how to combine epic world travels with volunteer teaching abroad? Iain and Claire of Old World Wandering Travelogue will inspire and assist you in this dream by sharing their unbelievable story.

Iain and Claire, tell us a bit about your background.

Iain: Claire and I are both South African, but for the past eight years we’ve lived overseas and travelled for long stretches. We started off [...Read More!]

May 142012
Elaine: How to Travel the World By Teaching Internationally

Teaching Traveling: Want concrete examples of how to find a teaching job abroad that helps you travel the world? Read this interview with Elaine Thatcher, the “Runaway Brit!”

Elaine, tell us about your background.

Elaine: I’m from the UK and I have been teaching since I qualified in 2002. When I was studying for my PGCE I had no idea that I would end up teaching in Japan, Vietnam, and Sweden during [...Read More!]

May 072012
Chris: Cheap Summer Travel Through Frequent Flyer Miles

Teaching Traveling: Want to know how to travel the world for cheap during your teacher summers? Chris Willard will share his tips!

Chris, tell us about your background.

Chris: I grew up in the Boston area, and did some traveling with my family growing up, and a little bit in college. It wasn’t until a few years after graduating from Wesleyan, about ten years ago, however, that I discovered how easy [...Read More!]

Mar 162012
Lisa: A California Science Teacher Shows Travel Is Not Scary

Teaching Traveling: Hello, world traveling teacher Lisa Niver Rajna!

Lisa, tell us about your background.

Lisa: Traveling and teaching have always been parts of my life!

I have taught preschool to middle school usually with a focus on science. This is my thirteenth year teaching and currently I teach K-6 science in Los Angeles, California where I grew up.

I also spent seven years on the Seven Seas as a youth counselor and assistant Cruise Director, just [...Read More!]

Mar 112012
Nancy: Family on Bikes Vogel, Biking Across the World With Kids

Teaching Traveling: Today we chat with Nancy from the extremely famous and inspirational traveling Vogel family. If you haven’t heard what they’ve done, get ready to be shocked! 

Nancy, tell us about your background.

Nancy: I grew up in Boise, Idaho and, after six long years in university, graduated with a degree in teaching. Immediately upon graduation, I headed off to Honduras to work as a Peace Corps Volunteer establishing resource room [...Read More!]