Apr 122012
Alexa: A TEFL Course in Peru for Korea Teaching and Asia Travel

Teaching Traveling: Welcome, Alexa, a traveling teacher who connected with me because we both had the same wonderful TEFL teacher, Natalie!

Alexa, tell us a bit about your background. 

Alexa: I’m Alexa Hart, a 25-year-old southern California native who spent the past two years teaching in Seoul, South Korea. Before moving to South Korea, I got TEFL certified in Cusco, Peru with a fantastic volunteer organization and English-language institute called Maximo [...Read More!]

Apr 082012
Nina: Fundraising for Thailand Volunteer Travel Despite Adversity

Teaching Traveling: Today we get a peek at the passion and determination it takes to make travel dreams a reality by hearing from Nina, who is fundraising to volunteer in Thailand.

Nina, tell us about yourself.

Nina: I was born to a very independent woman who couldn’t seem to stay in one spot. “Suitcase Sandy” is the nickname she came to acquire from friends and family. By the time I was 18 [...Read More!]

Apr 052012
Maureen: From Intelligence Official to Book Author in Ecuador

Teaching Traveling: Welcome, Maureen Klovers! Readers, get ready for a remarkable story unlike any you’ve heard before.

Maureen, tell us about your background.

Maureen: I have a checkered past! Originally from Milwaukee, I started my career as a U.S. intelligence agent focused on Latin America and moonlighted as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher and a panelist on a local radio station’s Sunday morning talk show. Following a discussion with one [...Read More!]

Mar 252012
Volunteer Teach this Summer in the Beautiful Dominican Republic!

Here’s a fabulous opportunity from a fellow Boston teacher, Jennifer Dines, to travel to the Dominican Republic this summer to volunteer! Jennifer explains:

Are you interested in traveling to the Dominican Republic? 

Do you know a college student, friend, or colleague who is hoping to improve in Spanish and cross-cultural communication?

Would you like to spend a month of your summer living and working on the shores of the Caribbean?

I had an incredible experience working with [...Read More!]

Mar 212012
Why is Stop Kony Getting More Press Than World Stop TB Day?

I have a message for you from my friend who is a doctor in Mozambique.

“It’s painful,” my friend wrote to me yesterday, “that the Stop Kony campaign has gotten millions of views and floods of press, but World Tuberculosis Day (which is this Saturday, March 24!) has gone unnoticed.”

Read this excerpt from a Message About TB by the United Nations Secretary General to understand why you should care:

“For too long, tuberculosis [...Read More!]

Mar 162012
Lisa: A California Science Teacher Shows Travel Is Not Scary

Teaching Traveling: Hello, world traveling teacher Lisa Niver Rajna!

Lisa, tell us about your background.

Lisa: Traveling and teaching have always been parts of my life!

I have taught preschool to middle school usually with a focus on science. This is my thirteenth year teaching and currently I teach K-6 science in Los Angeles, California where I grew up.

I also spent seven years on the Seven Seas as a youth counselor and assistant Cruise Director, just [...Read More!]

Mar 112012
Nancy: Family on Bikes Vogel, Biking Across the World With Kids

Teaching Traveling: Today we chat with Nancy from the extremely famous and inspirational traveling Vogel family. If you haven’t heard what they’ve done, get ready to be shocked! 

Nancy, tell us about your background.

Nancy: I grew up in Boise, Idaho and, after six long years in university, graduated with a degree in teaching. Immediately upon graduation, I headed off to Honduras to work as a Peace Corps Volunteer establishing resource room [...Read More!]

Mar 012012
Kate: Guatemala to Learn Spanish and Volunteer for Vacation

Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Massachusetts teacher, Kate, who has taken some AMAZING international travel vacations during her summers.

Kate, tell us about yourself.

Kate: My name is Kate Baldwin and I am a 26-year old from the Boston area. This is my third year working as a speech-language pathologist in a public school.  I love my position and I am also very grateful for the summer vacations we have… because these vacations [...Read More!]

Feb 252012
Lindsay: Romantic Travels of a Teacher and Fashion Blogger

Teaching Traveling: Welcome to Lindsay, a teacher, fashion travel blogger, and girlfriend of a prominent travel blogger!

Lindsay, tell us about yourself.

Lindsay: My name is Lindsay Carreiro and I’ve lived in Rhode Island all of my life, 29 (yikes!) years to be exact and I wouldn’t change a thing.  I love Rhode Island; I am so passionate I should be working for the tourism board, but that’s another matter. Growing [...Read More!]

Feb 162012
Baz: Teaching and Travel Around The World With TEFL Certification

Teaching Traveling: Welcome to unbelievably inspiring long-term world traveler and international teacher, Barry O’Leary, also known as Baz!

Baz, tell us a bit about your background. 

Baz: I was born in Kingston, London, but I grew up in North-West London in a really exciting place called Eastcote. After getting an Economics degree at Southampton University I worked in sales in London for three years. During that time I grew to despise [...Read More!]