May 242012
Teachers: Win $50 in Money to Fund Your Classroom Projects!

A thrilling opportunity to support the dreams of teachers has appeared, so join in and spread the word!

Between now and June 10, 2012, you can enter this contest, below, to win a $50 gift certificate to fund your Donors Choose project!

If you don’t already have a Donors Choose page, you can set one up here.

It’s a great way to fund your classroom dreams, and if you win this giveaway, you’ll [...Read More!]

May 222012
Iain and Claire: Epic RTW Travel and Volunteer-Teaching Tibetans

Teaching Traveling: Readers, are you interested in how to combine epic world travels with volunteer teaching abroad? Iain and Claire of Old World Wandering Travelogue will inspire and assist you in this dream by sharing their unbelievable story.

Iain and Claire, tell us a bit about your background.

Iain: Claire and I are both South African, but for the past eight years we’ve lived overseas and travelled for long stretches. We started off [...Read More!]

May 192012
Chelsea: Global Education for Kids With an Online Program

Teaching Traveling: Have you been seeking a way to connect your children or students to the world without leaving home?

Read about how Chelsea Rae Schmidt’s Big Earth Explorers can do just that!

Chelsea, first tell us about your background and how you got interested in Global Education.

Chelsea: I’m just your average young, unemployed, college graduate… except that I gave up the job search in order to live my dream and travel.

When [...Read More!]

May 142012
Elaine: How to Travel the World By Teaching Internationally

Teaching Traveling: Want concrete examples of how to find a teaching job abroad that helps you travel the world? Read this interview with Elaine Thatcher, the “Runaway Brit!”

Elaine, tell us about your background.

Elaine: I’m from the UK and I have been teaching since I qualified in 2002. When I was studying for my PGCE I had no idea that I would end up teaching in Japan, Vietnam, and Sweden during [...Read More!]

May 072012
Chris: Cheap Summer Travel Through Frequent Flyer Miles

Teaching Traveling: Want to know how to travel the world for cheap during your teacher summers? Chris Willard will share his tips!

Chris, tell us about your background.

Chris: I grew up in the Boston area, and did some traveling with my family growing up, and a little bit in college. It wasn’t until a few years after graduating from Wesleyan, about ten years ago, however, that I discovered how easy [...Read More!]

May 062012
Join the Education Bloggers Facebook Group and Twitter Chat!

I had just finished a presentation on Global Education during the EdCamp Boston Conference, and was happily schmoozing in the Education Bloggers discussion group.

As we sat in our tight little circle swapping ideas, we realized: there are a LOT of Education Bloggers out there, but we hardly ever converse or share ideas.

What an amazing impact would come from finally uniting forces!

At that point, the Education Bloggers Facebook Group was born. Please [...Read More!]

May 022012
Lindsey: A Private Special Education Teacher in Beautiful Bermuda

Teaching Traveling: Welcome, Lindsey Lehman! Tell us what led to your remarkable teaching position in Bermuda. 

Lindsey: I was born and raised in Southern New Jersey and had a very typical upbringing with my two sisters. My parents, who were amateur history buffs, raised me. Every summer we would pile in the car and drive all across the U.S. to visit every battlefield, national monument and famous person from history’s childhood [...Read More!]

Apr 292012
Sara: Global Teacher and Balloon Artist Tells You Ways to Travel

Teaching Traveling: Welcome to world-traveling teacher, Sara Krakauer!

Sara, tell us about your background. 

Sara: First and foremost, I’m a teacher.  In the United States, that word alone doesn’t sound so glamorous, so I’m tempted to add something to spice it up and call myself a “global teacher.” In Nepal, the word for teacher is “lama” which sounds much more important. In fact, Nepalis have great respect for their teachers, and it’s [...Read More!]

Apr 212012
Whitney: Raising a Young Son and Teaching in Taiwan and Korea

Teaching Traveling: Welcome, Whitney!

Tell us about your background.

Whitney:  When I was younger, I traveled so much, but only in my imagination.  My favorite books growing up were set in other countries and other time periods.  For example, when I read about Sherlock Holmes, I so badly wished to be in London, in the Victorian era (I love how much a geek I am!).

I longed to be part of an [...Read More!]

Apr 172012
Tim: A Pastor Doing Volunteer and Adventure Travel Abroad

Teaching Traveling: Today we have a different kind of traveling teacher: a pastor who’s seen the world!

Tim first made contact with me after reading my article about liminal spaces in travel, which he used as inspiration for one of his later sermons. I was so tickled, I asked Tim if he’d like to be interviewed, and it turned out he has a phenomenal travel history.

Tim, tell us a bit about [...Read More!]