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Welcome! Here are answers to your frequently asked questions.

Q: Which people is TeachingTraveling.com for?

A: This site is for anyone who fits (or wants to fit) the title “teacher-traveler” in ANY sense of the word you can imagine.

Are you a ‘Round the World traveler who wants to learn how to get an ESL job? Perfect! Are you a middle school teacher in Detroit who wants to spend a week in Mexico sightseeing because you know it will help you re-boot and get perspective? Perfect. Have you dedicated your entire life to teaching and traveling already? Perfect! Join us!

The point of TeachingTraveling.com is to celebrate that teaching is great, traveling is great, and we should all do more of both. This site aims to inspire more teachers to travel and more travelers to teach, and to provide educators and parents with global education curriculum and resources.

Q: I notice that much of this site consists of interviews with teacher-travelers. Why, and who do you seek to interview?

A: Hearing how others made their teaching-traveling dream come true is an awesome and effective way to learn how to do it yourself, either through concrete resources or general revelations. This site is always seeking teacher-travelers (in, I am not kidding, ANY sense of the word) to interview, so please spread the word! Even if you are a teacher who took a “non-educational” 2-day camping trip in the next state over, which developed you as a person and a teacher, your story will inspire others to teach and travel, so contact me!

Q: Who created this site? Who runs it?

A: Teaching Traveling was started by and is run by me, Lillie Marshall, a Boston public school teacher who traveled around the world for nine straight months on a career-break sabbatical. My travels took me through Southeast Asia, Ghana (where I taught for 3 months), Spain, and beyond. Previously, I traveled extensively in Latin America. You can read all about my travels and teaching at AroundTheWorldL.com Travel Blog.

I am now back teaching in Boston Public Schools, but continue to be an avid traveler on delicious teacher vacations. I love helping other teachers learn to (economically, enjoyably, economically) travel, and assisting travelers to teach!

Q: Do you endorse all the programs and paths described in the interviews?

A: The purpose of this site is to share stories about diverse travel experiences by people who love teaching and traveling. I have not personally tested every program and teaching-traveling path mentioned on this site and therefore cannot vouch for each, so if you are interested in one, I invite you to contact the interview’s author to research more deeply.

Q: What is your Copyright policy?

A: It is a violation of my TeachingTraveling.com Copyright to re-post any articles from this site in their entirety on another site. The same goes for the TeachingTraveling.com RSS feed. You may, however, use a short excerpt (two paragraphs or less) from articles on this site with a link back to the original article and an introduction giving the context. Please respect the hard work that goes into this site and do not plagiarize, or I will file a DMCA takedown order. Thank you!

Q: How can I connect with or contact you?

Want to partner with TeachingTraveling.com, either by being interviewed, or for advertising? Check out my Teaching Traveling Media Kit here, contact Lillie at: TeachingTraveling at gmail.com, find the Teaching Traveling community on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TeachingTraveling, or join Lillie on Google Plus or on Twitter @WorldLillie.  I love to hear from you, so be in touch!


  1. Janine says

    Hey Lilllie,
    My name is Janine, I am 19 years old and just now wanting to pursue a career in teaching/traveling. I am beginning community college in October with the hopes of getting my Bachelor’s in Education and becoming some type of writing or English Teacher. I was wondering if you could give me any advice or pointers on how to get the most out of my experience in college to become the best teacher possible.

    Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Janine,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and congratulations on your exciting path ahead! The very fact that you are asking this question means you are doing the most important thing: Always being open to asking questions and learning! :) I’d also suggest you observe as many varied schools as possible (including ones in other countries). Every school is SO different that a key to success in teaching is finding one that is a good fit for you. And of course… travel whenever you can to build your understanding of the world! Best of luck, and be in touch!

  2. Cameron says


    My wife and I would like to teach abroad in Europe or Asia. She wants to teach English/or Admin. and I would like to teach PE/health or a specific sport. How should we go about looking for a school that will take us both? Which countries do you recommend will take us both and will be able to earn a nice living wage saving money? Thank you for your awesome website, you have made a leery US captive (just kidding) to more “open minded” individual willing to test the waters teaching abroad!

    • says

      Thank you so much for taking the time to browse and comment on my site. You have such an exciting future ahead of you! Unfortunately, I can’t give you any specific answers myself, but that’s why I set up this site: so you can explore the story of others (use the search box in the upper right for keywords, the upper navigation menu, or the tag cloud) to find interviews similar to what you’re trying to do, then contact the interviewee with further questions, either via the comments section on their piece, or directly through any contact information that they have stated. The people interviewed for this site are a wealth of information, and can surely help you. Best of luck, and keep us posted!

  3. Jeff says

    Hi Lillie,

    I just came across your blogs while looking into teaching English abroad. Seeing both yours and the stories of others on the site is a great inspiration. I have wanted to teach English abroad for a very long time but keep putting it off.

    I’m currently in a job I hate and a master’s program that I have no interest in. I want to quit both and start following my passion and dreams to teach abroad but I have some concerns. I’m mostly wondering if I would be qualified to turn this into a career and how crucial having a master’s in an unrelated field would be to my success. If you have the chance to answer a few questions that would be amazing.



    • says

      Hi Jeff,

      What an exciting path you have in front of you! While there is no guarantee that any choice will “definitely” work, you can see from the hundreds of interviews on this site that there are so many ways to successfully transition into a career teaching abroad. My recommendation is just make sure you maintain whatever safety nets you can, for example, when I took a year off to travel, I took a leave of absence from my job instead of quitting, which allowed me to return to my job in Boston in 2010 when I came home, even though I didn’t think I would. After the perspective of a year of travel, however, I realized that I wanted my home base again, and I was happy there! That said, the most important thing to do is to go. It sounds like you are quite set on making these dreams a reality, so do it! You don’t want regrets later. Best of luck, and let us know what ends up unfolding!

  4. Vanessa says

    Hi Lillie! I just found your website and I can’t wait to explore and hopefully get some awesome tips! I am travelling to Europe for 7 months to teach English in France through TAPIF (Teaching Assistant Program in France). My major was French and I always wanted to go back after studying abroad. I have no teaching experience (yet) so I am nervous, but excited at the same time to get my feet wet and hopefully travel/teach after the program is over. This website will hopefully guide me and motivate me so thank you for taking the time to be an inspiration to others and spreading the knowledge!

    • says

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Vanessa! It sounds like you have a great adventure ahead of you. Feel free to email me to be interviewed once you’ve become a Teacher-Traveler! :)

  5. Liane says

    I’m a 21st Century Learning Resource teacher with experience teaching French as a second language in the elementary panel as well as training teachers on how to promote 21st century skills through lesson design and use tech tools to support students’ knowledge construction. I’m interested in teaching/travelling for a couple weeks in the summer anywhere warm, close to a beach and/or with a rich cultural tradition. Any leads?

  6. Suzan says

    I recently registered for an educational trip to China happening over Spring Break 2015. As a history and psychology teacher I want to be able to bring back Chinese history and culture to my classroom. Do you know of any Grants that would help me fund this trip? Many thanks!!!

    • says

      Hi Suzan,
      How exciting! Browse the Grants section of this site (middle right side), but know that there are many other grants out there, too. Another option is to work on budgeting and adding more income sources (ex: doing tutoring on the side for a few months) to earn the money. Bottom line: Whatever it takes, do it, because travel like you’re describing is priceless. Good luck and check in when you come back so I can interview you! :)

  7. Vickie Weiss says

    I am an elementary teacher in Michigan. I have been teaching for 50 years and still am enthusiastic and in good health. I would love an experience of teaching somewhere in the world for a week or two in the summer. How do I find out what is available? I am not retired so I still expect to come back to my classroom in the Fall.

    Thanks for your reply. Your adventures are amazing!!
    Happy Holidays!!!

    • says

      Awesome! I don’t have a specific opportunity that I recommend, but the idea of this site is you can browse it (using the search box in the upper right and the tag cloud at the middle right) to get inspiration and ideas! Then you can write to the people interviewed (via the comments section) to get more information. Best of luck! I’m sure you’ll find something wonderful… then hopefully contact me again to get interviewed! :)

  8. says

    Hi Lillie!

    I love your website and everything that you stand for. Like you, I am a teacher and traveler. I have been living and teaching in Latin America for about seven years and feel I that I have much to share with others wanting to do the same thing. I would love an opportunity to share my story with others through your website. Thanks.

  9. Catherine Chiu says

    Thanks so much for your great website! While I am not able to get on the road much, I love reading about all the different ages and facets in my “armchair” travels with you and your fellow travelers. Please continue to post additional stories about shorter teaching traveling ideas – two weeks etc, so that more teachers can say ” I should try that” it’s only two weeks!
    Catherine Chiu

  10. Juanita G. Cruz says

    i would like information on where do you find these places to sign up to be a teacher abroad, i have been teaching culinary arts for 14 years and i would like to gain more knowledge of anouther culture and share mine.

  11. says

    Very cool site! There are so many ways to combine teaching and traveling. It’s really neat to read about what people are doing all around the world.

  12. Julie says

    Hi Lillie,

    I just read an article about you in the American Teacher Magazine and decided that I would attempt to get in touch with you since it seems as though we have done a ton of things at the same time. I am a Middle School Math and Science Teacher in Los Angeles. After I completed Teach For America in Los Angeles in 2009, I worked for a charter school and then from 2011-2012 I spent a year abroad and travelled to over 26 countries. I too believe that I was teaching kids about a world I needed to go see for myself. Now, happily back in the classroom, I have a youtube channel where I have posted science videos I made from trips I have taken around the world that tie into the curriculum I teach.


    I also kept a travel blog of almost everything I did and everywhere I went. If you are interested, check them out! You are an inspiration!


    • Sean says


      What program did you go through to teach science and math abroad? I am also a science and math teacher and my dream is to do something very similar to what you explained. Any further information would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank You!


      • Julie says

        Hey Sean,

        There is no short answer to your question, because I did not go officially with a company. My husband and I just packed up and left for a year. I did find little teaching things along with way, but I was not teaching for extended periods of time. I never stayed anywhere I went for more than a few weeks. I guess I spent more time teaching myself!


  13. says

    Hi Lillie,

    I’m a native Spanish teacher. I have been traveling and teaching since I finished my degree in 2004 (…and I’ve just realized I’m getting old!!!) I have taught in France, Ireland and India, and I arrived in Australia few months ago so I am just organizing groups classes here at the moment.
    I just started blogging and teaching online 2 years ago (www.mariaortegagarcia.com) and I haven’t stopped traveling since.
    I love your blog! and I would be delighted in sharing my experiences as a traveler-teacher in your website if you want.



  14. says

    I love your blog. It’s great seeing people take the plunge and follow what truly makes them happy. It must be very fulfilling traveling the world while also helping people learn as well. You have some amazing articles and photos. If you are ever interested in submitting any articles or photos to us at BarrelHopping, we have ongoing contests where you can win cash to help fund your continued travels. For every article or photo you do submit we will also provide a link back to your site for more exposure. Our end goal is to help fellow travelers like you do more of what they love. Here are the details http://barrelhopping.com/get-paid-to-travel/

  15. Julia says


    I am a private English teacher and I´m also interested to know how can I travel with my students with a cheap price. I´d like to know if I get at about 7 students to travel if I can have my trip for free…

    Look forward your answer,



  16. Sean Bratton says


    Hi! I was looking over your site, and all the wonderful stories from people of all different academic backgrounds, teaching and traveling abroad. This is something that I have thought long and hard about and am serious about pursuing. Just to provide you with some quick background on myself I have a B.S. and M.S. in atmospheric sciences and meteorology with a minor in mathematics. I will be enrolling in a Masters of Arts in Teaching program this up coming fall to obtain my certification in general science and secondary math. After this graduate program (year and a half from now) I would appreciate the opportunity to teach abroad. In addition, I would also enjoy working at summer camps that engage students in science related activities, especially those that focus on atmospheric/climate and environmental related issues. Ultimately, I have a lot of energy and excitement in trying new things, embracing new cultures/environments, and am ambitious about making an impact all over the world (nationally and internationally). Given your very diverse background, I was hoping you could provide me with some advice for suggestions on how to pursue my interest in teaching math and science abroad, and what steps you would recommend to get there (Even if there is something I can do while in am in my current teaching program). I really appreciate your time and am open to any suggestions/comments/advice you are willing to provide. Thanks again!!

    Best Regards,

    Sean Bratton

    • says

      Thanks for connecting, Sean! With your background, any school around the world would be lucky to have you. Browse the profiles on this site using the search box in the upper right corner and the tag cloud in the sidebar, and leave a comment on the profiles that interest you so those folks can respond to you about their specific advice. Most articles also have direct links to resources.

      Best of luck and keep us posted!

  17. says

    Hey Lillie,

    Absolutely love your site. We would love to collaborate with you on a blog post. Our President Crawford Hill has been leading groups of kids across Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador, Spain for years. What’s the best way to reach you?



  18. says

    Hello Lillie,
    You have a great, informative and interesting site! My name is Eliane and I`ve traveled to many countries and worked in all areas of English Language Teaching. Traveling has been such a great and worthwhile experience. It allowed me to teach general and specialized English, work with the top training companies and discover so much about myslef.

    Now I am working on creating practical media content for language training and development. Check out our website http://www.wix.com/ellianap/teach-and-travel !

    Continue the exciting work you do!

  19. says

    Hi!!!i love this web and the idea of teaching and travelling…because when you are travelling you learn like at an intensive course of life! and is very nice to share that! my english is not very good…im from argentina, and i had travelled in europ, because i was living in valencia, spain, and now just come back from a trip in mexico, guatemala and honduras. In the last country i was living in a hombe for poors kids in tegucigalpa. I volunteer teaching them, helping with homeworks, doing theatre,paint, etc….it was the best part of all my trip…and i want to keep on doing that!!!
    Also want to share what i already learn…but can i do that in spanish??? or this is only english??? maybe i can train better my english….
    I wait for your answer!!!thaks for doing this kind of things!!!!

    Kisses! laura!

  20. Winnie Njiiema says

    I’m a young English teacher in Kenya recently graduated. I would so much love to travel and teach English especially in Asia. I think you can be a great help to me to live my passion of teaching English.

  21. says

    As a retired teacher (history, geography, world cultures, writing, theater arts, culinary arts) chef and now full time freelance travel and food writer your blog is intriguing. Good work!!

  22. says

    Hi Lillie,

    You have such a wonderful site here. Thanks for all that you do to share experiences. I am a robotics engineer turned international teacher. I spent three months last year in Nepal teaching English, Morality, Physics, Practical Computing and advising for their I/T Club. It was a fantastic learning experience and highly rewarding. I have a travel blog that I am working to write up the posts from that trip. After returning to the USA I continued my educator ways and did after-school science programs with elementary children through Mad Science then went on to teach a quarter of Computer Science classes at Clark College. Anyway, I am passionate about education and feel I have a lot to share. If you’d be interested in hearing more about my experiences, I’d definitely be down to share. I love reading your stories.

    Take care,


    • teachingtravel says

      Great to hear from you, Jacob! I’m sending you interview questions now and can’t wait to hear your story :)

  23. Octavia Daniels says

    Hello Lillie,

    This is perfect! I learned of you just a few minutes ago as I was searching profiles through my LinkedIn account. I am restarting my life and career, which includes moving to a city I have always been fascinated by…Boston… to teach English. Anyway, I love to travel and am moving into international traveling. Why not combine two things I love…teaching and traveling. I am always seeking ways to grow and develop as a person and teacher. This site is a great idea. Thanks!

    • teachingtravel says


      So glad you found this site, and so glad you’re moving to this awesome city and getting ready to rock out teaching/traveling! If you want some articles to whet your appetite for Boston, check out these goodies on my other site: http://www.aroundtheworldl.com/category/locations/usa/usa-boston/

      Feel free to be in touch by email (teachingtraveling at gmail), especially if you’d be interested in being featured on this site!


      • Octavia Daniels says

        Thank you Lillie. I am loving the site you provided for me. This is great! I am even more excited about my move to Boston. I will be there this coming June for a teacher info. session so if you know of any happenings feel free to let me know. So EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Thanks again.

  24. Christa Dillabaugh says

    Hi there –

    Just stumbled upon your site and am so impressed with the stories you are sharing. It’s great that you’ve created a space for teacher travelers to share and connect. I wish I’d found you sooner! I’ve been teaching while traveling for over 15 years – taking middle and high school students on ecology and service field studies in Central and South America (Costa Rica and Peru). I have to say, I think my best teaching has always been ankle deep in mud and swatting mosquitoes! Now, if I’m not in the field, most of my teaching happens in the digital ecosystem – a new and strange world! I’d love to share more and will look forward to following you on facebook.

    • teachingtravel says

      Christa, so glad you stumbled by, and thanks so much for leaving a comment! I’d love to profile YOU on this site, if you’re interested! Tempted? Email me at TeachingTraveling at gmail and I can send you the questions!

  25. Sarah Zak says


    I am currently a college student, who majors in Travels and Tourism Management. Ironically, I might also minor in Teaching, so as you can see I am very intereseted by this idea of teaching and traveling at the same time. I would like to have a contact number -brochure, or simply more information about jobs opportunities or internships.
    Thank you!


    • teachingtravel says

      Hi Sarah!
      Thanks so much for reading and for making contact! At the moment, this site focuses on profiling teacher-travelers (often with links built into the interviews so you can click to find the programs that they used to teach-travel), but I do not have paper brochures or job listings. There are, however, some great job listing sites on the web, including http://www.gooverseas.com/ and http://www.wanderingeducators.com/ . Good luck and keep us posted on what you end up doing!

      – Lillie of TeachingTraveling.com

  26. says

    HI Lillie,

    I work for a non-profit called GEEO which stands for Global Exploration for Educators. We run professional development travel programs designed for teachers. Check us out on http://www.geeo.org . Our goal is to encourage more educators to travel so they can share their experiences with their students and bring that inspiration to travel into their classrooms.
    I’ll write you an email to introduce myself further. Keep up the good work.


  27. Hamdi says

    Interested in your project and would really love to be part of it in Africa here. As a middle school teacher and as a Traveller to the desert and Sahara areas it is a fabilous voluntary experience to meet kids of specific hospitable areas and give them the most inner knowledge of my own

  28. Hamdi says

    I am interested in sharing my experiences as a treveller teacher of English subject within my community.
    I am also interested in learning about others experiences.

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